My favourite time of the year has got to be snuggle season, I mean why shouldn’t it? I get an excuse to overload myself with some delish hot chocolate in the cool & breezy weather. However, you and I both know how brutal winters can get for your skin. While you might be downing litres of water throughout the day to satiate your parched throat, are you doing the same for your skin?

Your skin tends to be at its thirstiest when the weather gets colder. Each time there’s a drop in the temperature, there also tends to be a drop in the humidity levels—this is what causes dryness and even dehydration of the skin. Despite having oily skin, winters wreak havoc on my face. Dry patches, a damaged barrier and flaky skin—I can’t even begin to think of it. But luckily, there’s nothing a few tried-and-tested hydrating favourites can’t solve. Here are a few of our timeless picks—

fresh, Rose and Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydrating Toner

A huge myth that needs to be busted is that toners can excessively dry out your skin. Um, NOT AT ALL! The key is choosing a toner that has hyaluronic acid, a humectant that deeply moisturises and hydrates the skin. This toner from fresh comes infused with real rose petals which nourish and soothe your skin while hyaluronic acid boosts hydration. One thing I love about this toner is how it helps retain moisture too, something our skin needs whilst the winters are raging.

Clinique, Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

A fan-favourite across the globe, everyone’s go-to moisturiser just got a massive upgrade with this one. The moisture surge, of course, boasts of the presence of hyaluronic acid, but it also contains activated aloe water which helps lock in moisture. Aloe bio-ferment is another plumping agent that results in softer and supple skin. Did you know this tub of joy moisturises your skin for 100 hours? AND boasts of an increase in moisture by a whopping 174%.

Laneige, Water Sleeping Mask

While most of us happen to be accustomed to instant facemasks, this one from Laneige is a refreshing change. It’s supposed to be applied to freshly cleansed skin right before you hit the sack. Owing to its gel-like consistency, this overnight mask works effectively to soothe and revitalize skin all whilst loading it up with moisture. Who doesn’t wanna wake up to radiant skin that’s *not* flaking? I know I want to.

Estée Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Serum

The name says it all, no? If there was one product that could do it all, this one’s it. Brimming with hyaluronic acid, *obviously*, which has the power to hold about 1000 times its weight in water, the advanced night repair does a stellar job at quenching your skin’s thirst. A bonus factor to weigh in is the presence of peptides that produce collagen, hello bouncy and youthful skin. Just what your winter skin needs!

KORA Organics, Noni Face Oil

If you’re among the few that tries to keep their distance from face oils, you might wanna make them your besties every winter. This face oil from KORA Organics is infused with an exciting blend of active ingredients like Noni and Seabuckthorn. Use this as the last step of your routine and luminescent skin will be knocking at your door.

The Body Shop, Vitamin C Energizing Face Mist

Think of face mists as an instant pick-me-up to invigorate your skin in a jiffy. Spray it on throughout the day—whenever you feel like your skin needs some water. This face mist brightens due to the presence of Vitamin C-rich Camu Camu and calms irritated skin all thanks to aloe vera. I carry a bottle of this everywhere I go. PSA: It fits in my tiny shoulder bag too!

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