Bonjour! If you are planning to travel with your #bae then look no further ’cause Anirudh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal’s oh-so-romantic Reels will make you wanna take the next flight to the city that’s all about love, Paris. And why not? The majestic Eiffel Tower, the twinkling city lights, the beautiful riverside parks, the sweet macaroons and the cute cafes undoubtedly make Paris and romance go together. The moment you arrive on Mrunu and Ani’s Instagram feed, you’ll surely understand why. Curious enough? Well, then get ready to check it out for yourself but don’t blame us later for not warning you, hehe.

Avoir un bon voyage!

1.  Eiffel in love with you again

Romance is all around you when you visit Paris, just add three letters to Paris, and you have paradise. Well, we can’t seem to decide on which view is prettier, everything here is so Pinteresty, dreamy and romantic that we just wanted this Reel to not end!

2. Blossoming together

This Reel right here is an accurate representation of what an unfiltered love looks like. Mrunu and Anirudh legit are couple goals and we are not saying that just because they are twinning in all-white but ’cause they are just too adorable. Also, that forehead kiss, awww can you blame us if we watch this one on repeat?

3. Did someone say Disneyland?

Excuse us while we enjoy Mrunu and Anirudh’s goofiness here. Them fooling around with each other makes us love this couple even more. The way their energy levels and chemistry match it is insane and it’s cute to see how they don’t shy away from keeping things real. Well, if you are not being fun and childish in Disneyland then you surely are committing a crime! 😛

4. Can’t let you go

Traveling around the world and looking to create an unforgettable romantic trip. Then what better way than to shoot a music video. Can’t let you go, is one of the most beautiful songs that we have heard until now. Anirudh and Mrunu are a match made in heaven and this song proves our statement true.

5. Together-Forever  

Sometimes, the minute you see a couple, you just know that they are perfect for each other! Mrunu and Anirudh are the cutest together and they look perfect, isn’t it? Well, we totally agree with Anirudh here who would wanna be a billionaire when they are in love?

Mrunu surely was keeping up with trends on her vacay. This wholesome Reel trend is just so cute and adorable that we loved every bit of it. Saving this Reel for the future ’cause we totally are gonna hop on it!

And that’s exactly why Paris is called the city of love! Well, we are sure that these 6 Reels of #Mrunirudh have convinced you enough to add Paris to the top of your travel bucket list. While you mentally plan your trip don’t forget to book your vaccination slots if you haven’t already, au revoir!