Christmas Nail Inspo For The Mani Addict In You

Christmas Nail Inspo For The Mani Addict In You

Sakshi Rawte

We’ve been in the holiday spirit for a while now. Is it just us or do the last few months of the year feel like you’re on vacay mode? Physically we might be on our couches but mentally we’re at the Christmas bash of our dreams. It’s never too early to get into the holiday vibe, please! Now that Christmas seems to be right around the corner, it only seems right to start planning our manis already. I know I am!

Christmas is the epitome of all things red and green with splashes of glitter. Just something about this season makes you want to celebrate it in every way you can, no? Well, before sipping on your seasonal lattes and going shopping for dainty Christmas decor, give your nails the first taste of merriment. So, stop frantically scouring on Pinterest and Instagram for hours at end, because we’ve got you covered with some frikkin cute Christmas mani inspo—

Keeping It Snowy

Though we might not be lucky enough to be surrounded by snow, who says we can’t get some cute lil motifs that bring out the minimalist in us? A super-neutral shade paired with snowflakes etched on are a perfect match for that cosy sweater of yours.

Red-dy for Christmas

Since it’s the colour of the season, there’s nothing like a classic red mani. What makes it jollier are the bedazzled nails along with the elegant snowflake detailing. The glitter nail takes the whole manicure up a notch, don't you think?

All The Colours

Red, green AND white? If you’re worried about your nails looking overwhelming, a design like this with cute details definitely makes the cut. Polka dots and holly berries add a cherry on top with a subtle vibe that reminds you of making merry all throughout this season

Go Greeeen!

Lately, every shade of green has us going totally gaga. Whether it’s sage green or a deeper olive green, we’re marvelling at how stylish our nails look with it. For some, red can be too intense a colour and that’s where green makes its grand entrance. This simplistic design doesn’t just exude elegance but screams Merry Christmas too!

The Whole Package

For those of you who are major maximalists, this manicure design is made for YOU! All the vibrant hues of Christmas along with adorable Christmas hats and everyone's favourite Rudolph! What's better than every symbol of this season on your fingertips?

Goldie’s The Name

The colour golden, synonymous with festivities makes a perfect minimalist addition to nude nails. Golden decals and stickers take a basic manicure from 0 to 100 in no time!

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