Instagram is usually praised for its many superpowers that equally excites and enthralls its viewers. These superpowers come in the form of diverse and unique features of the ‘gram. Creators always know how to infuse these features in their content to spice it up. Two of such amazing features are Reels and filters. Even though Reels are a good source of enjoyment, we all know for a fact that it’s incomplete without Instagram filters. ‘Green Screen’ is one such filter widely used by creators in their Reels. The reason for this filter to be everyone’s fave is that it transports viewers to real-life situations in a flash. It’s also used on different types of content like comedy, beauty, fashion. So if you’re unclear about how to use this filter in your Reels, below listed are some creators who used this filter to amp up their content game.  

Scroll on to amaze yourself…

1. Krutika

Krutika is taking us back to the dinosaur era, which is almost 3000 years back, in this Reel. After watching this video, we all wondered if she’s a fan of the globally renowned dinosaur lover, Dr. Ross Geller, hehe! If he comes across this video, we’re sure that he’d spend some time enlightening us about this era. Also, was the asteroid this excited to hit the earth? We should prolly ask Dr. Geller about this, hahaha.

2. Abhinav Singh

Have you ever gotten an opportunity to watch a reality show live? If not, don’t be sad, ‘cuz this Reel is totes your door to enter the venue of the event. Here Abhinav is accurately depicting how the judges of a reality show give their feedback to the contestants.

3. Ankush Bahuguna

Honestly, most of us longed for a visit to the gym during the lockdown, but it was never possible. But we weren’t that frustrated as ‘Ankush-man‘ came to our rescue with this Reel. This video totes made us feel like we’re at the gym having a small chit-chat with our gym buddies, hehe!

4. Sakshi Shivdasani

Sakshi used the ‘Green Screen’ filter to rate celebrity looks in this Reel. The creator says that she made this video ‘cuz she was bored, but we didn’t get bored at all while watching this one. Needless to say, she’s acing the rating game like a pro here.

5. Agasthya Shah

A lot of people have tried out this trend using the ‘Green Screen’ filter. Agasthya, like always, is winning at this by making it a 100% relatable. The sweet and cute relationship between our moms and Tupperware bottles is highlighted in this Reel.

6. Jake Sitlani

If you’ve been missing long flights, watch this Reel by Jake to go back in time, when we used to read the whole instructions as if we understood everything. That sudden feeling of being all intelligent is just unexplainable.

7. Tarini Shah

Tarini is recreating an iconic eye-makeup look in this Reel. The best part is that we’re also getting to see the original makeup look, which is her inspiration. All thanks to the amazing ‘Green Screen’ filter. Not to mention, she has recreated the makeup look flawlessly.

8. Taneesha Mirwani

Have you ever been to the bhajiwala and got caught in chaos when he told you the total amount but not in English? If yes, you’re not alone as Taneesha is here to give a company. The combined effect of her acting skills and the filter has made us feel like we’re watching the situation IRL.

So have you all saved the ‘Green Screen’ filter like us already?  There’s no denying that this filter can make our scrolling more fun and entertaining. Also, these creators are again proving that they’re absolutely creative, by using this filter in the best way possible. On another note, we hope y’all are staying safe at your homes and, are booking your vaccination slots.