The Anatomy Of Female Pleasure And Do They Really Fake It?

The Anatomy Of Female Pleasure And Do They Really Fake It?

Mitisha Mavani

Female Pleasure is often not spoken about because it is considered to be a taboo. Good sex comes from good communication which is something most relationships lack. Women don't talk about their sexual experiences enough also because sometimes they don't find the right terminology to describe it, irrespective of it being enjoyable or temporal. Women don't think it's right to express their desires which makes the experience more one sided. It is very common to hear a man talk about pleasuring himself but women fail to and that is something that needs to change.

What Is Female Pleasure?

Female Pleasure! Seems like such a myth, an act that is supposed to be kept hush hush and something that should not be spoken about. Is female pleasure even a thing or are we just too hard to please? For centuries sex has been considered as an act that allures, satisfies and pleasures men. It is an act committed by men to women, to sexually please themselves—that is what we have seen and that is what we have been made to believe. Romance novels, movies, even porn for that matter show sex as an activity for men. But what about the women?

What Does Science Say About It?

Statistics show that around 62% of women admittedly have boring and mundane sex lives. Surveys have shown that women in homosexual relationships enjoy sex more than women in heterosexual relationships (no offence to the men out there). The reason behind this is plain and simple: no one has ever taken the effort to find out What women actually want? Is it that tough to crack? To crack the big ‘O’ can be a little tricky, may not come just as yet from your first time. Women do have several sensory spots, reiterating Monica Geller—don’t forget the holy seven! Then again, it is all relative and may keep switching for different women and the number can go beyond seven. You got it right!

Why Is It A Taboo?

Another reason why female orgasm is left unspoken about is because the purpose of orgasm is lost. When men hit climax, it leads to impregnation. The concept of female orgasm is unclear and doesn't do much except make you feel pleasure-filled. Orgasm is as much psychological as it is physical, some women describe the experience as ‘out of the world’ and ‘heavenly’. But can men actually give women this out of the world experience? The most common answer to this is, women don’t feel comfortable expressing their needs because they believe men won’t understand the complexities of a female body and again with the ingrained thought of not having to demand and being taught how to settle for what they get, keeps them guarded and overprotective of their ‘izzat’ as they choose to stay within their ‘maryada’!

Is Masturbation Normal?

So, the only resort to be able to feel the optimal level of satisfaction is ‘Masturabtion’ or to put it simply like Swara Bhaskar in Veere di Wedding, “Apna haath Jagannath!”

For all the oohs and aahs around you, Masturbation is normal! Pleasuring yourself almost hits too close to perfection and once you experience it, there is no going back. To put it simply, masturbation can happen in any form, be it your trusty friend- the jet spray, your hand or other sex toys—there is literally no right or wrong way to do it. As long as it is good for you, way to go, girl!

Do Women Fake It?

Now, let’s get to the controversial part of the conversation- “Do women really fake it?” To keep it relatively honest, sometimes, we do, we feel the need to do it. And most women will agree that they have had days where they have had to fake it- it’s a requirement! Some women openly admit to having felt like an orgasm is an abstract concept that is felt galaxies away and isn’t meant for them. The takeaway from this is, faking it is common but it is not the only occurrence. You might just get lucky the next time, watch out. I mean, let’s admit it- it doesn’t cost you to dream!

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