5 Cafés That Are Perfect To Satisfy Your Coffee Cravings

5 Cafés That Are Perfect To Satisfy Your Coffee Cravings

Joanna Fernandes

Once you've acquired a taste for coffee there's no going back!
The aroma, the taste, the burst of energy that it provides! It is quite versatile making it perfect to adapt to everyone's palate. A strong black coffee for those who need the energy or a mocha for those who like a tinge of chocolate. Coffee can quite literally be your perfect companion, from that first-morning cup of joe to a cup keeping you company while you work at a café. There is also nothing more appealing and comforting than conversations over coffee. Who wouldn't love coffee?

Here are some cafe's for all you coffee addicts to satisfy your cravings

1. The Bagel Shop

This quaint little café in Pali Hill, Bandra is the most charming spot for a date. Their coffee and ambience together are an excellent combination for those long deep conversations. They also cater to everyone by keeping vegan and dairy-free options. What's more? They are pet friendly which means there's a great chance you'll make some furry friends.

2. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai Coffee has risen to fame over the years and it's all thanks to their amazing, pleasing coffee. While their coffee remains superior their buttery croissants and avocado toasts are a must-try! They have their own roastery where they roast and pack coffee which attributes to its incredible, authentic and organic taste. It is not only available in many locations all over Mumbai but also has cafes spread throughout India.

3. Subko Coffee

Situated in the by lanes of Bandra, this place is an absolute delight for hipsters, the café includes is everything that is on-trend. Once you've had their coffee and yummy treats, you'll realise that the hype around Subko is pretty just. One of its unique points is that its coffee is sourced from India itself. Seeing that this café has been quite the hit they have branched out and opened up a Craftery. The Craftery By Subko is a 2,200 sq ft space in Byculla, which is a heaven for all the coffee aficionados!

4. Javaphile

The word "javaphile" itself means one's love of drinking coffee, you could only imagine the coffee this place serves! Located on Pali Road, Bandra this new café has left an attractive and lasting experience. The café in itself goes for a minimal look which is very appealing to those looking for some peace of mind. Their varied array of desserts will also help satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Silly

With lush green plants spread across, some vintage décor and a boho-chic vibe this café in Khar is probably the most Instagrammable place ever! They have their own roastery which is something you should keep in mind while drinking their delicious coffee. You could either curl up with a book or bring along your laptop to get some work done, either way, it'll help you unwind. Their menu features a breakfast tray which makes it the perfect brunch spot for you and your gal pals.

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