Man it has been FOREVER since I went to a preview screening and I am so glad my first one since the pandemic was CASH. It is the hysterical madcap Bollywood joyride we all needed right about now that takes the edge of demonetisation with a motley crew of characters that will keep you in splits from start to finish. And the best part is you can catch this CASH-tastic film (nice one Amol Prashar) from the comfort of your sofa on Disney Plus Hotstar today onwards!

Watch the trailer of CASH here:

Amol, Gulshan Grover, Smiriti Kalra, Kavin Dave, Krishna Bisht and the rest of this hilarious cast bring their A-game with characters you will absolutely adore and be rooting for while they dodge their way through crazy goons, classic comedy cops, and a moment we will all never forget happened to India overnight! (I still remember being at a friend’s birthday at a bar when I heard the unbelievable news and “cashed out” all our money in tequila shots because YOLO.)

Mad props to the writer, director, and producer for keeping the film crisp and not taking itself too seriously. Rishab Seth and Vishesh Bhatt are legendary! Imma say all the girls are gonna be falling in love with Armaan (aka Amol) in the first 15 minutes. You were amazing and yes, you can dance! (I also think Kavin Dave needs his own spinoff show please, funniest loveable seedha saadha goofball of a guy I’ve seen in forever!) Seriously ded! Also, super excited that we have a project coming up together!!!

So?! I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Go watch now! And tell me where YOU were when the PM announced that all your CASH will be paper trash come midnight?