When Yami Gautam made a successful debut in 2012 with Vicky Donor making a transition from TV, I was really proud of her achievements as I am always an underdog supporter. I was really hoping to see more of her continuing forward that success, but she kind of got in the background for a while—constantly appearing on screen, but still not getting the parts that she deserved. However, 2019 proved to be a game-changer for her, and with URI: The Surgical Strike and Bala, she made her presence felt and noticed.

Today, Yami has close to over half a dozen projects in the pipeline, including films that she is leading from the front. When I asked her if the success tastes sweeter since it has come after such a long wait and if she can now be assured that it’s because of her body of work over the years and not overnight, she didn’t agree with it completely.

Here’s what she said:

“If that was the case then I would have gotten these opportunities much earlier. But things take time, especially when you are on your own. Neither you are from the industry or the city nor you are that socially active that you have certain people around you on whom you can lean on for work. You will fail and learn and I think it’s absolutely fine. There is no regret in that.”

Yami insists that the film industry is a place that will shock and surprise you constantly, so you need to have a firm backbone, and for her, that is her family.

She said this about them:

“I have been fortunate for the family that I have because I don’t think you can get through that time in your life when you are emotionally vulnerable without them. You need that constant stability and belief and for me that is my family. You need that belief that it will happen eventually.”

The actress confides that instead of pondering on what ifs, she just believes that an actor is as good as their last Friday, and that belief is what keeps her going.

Here’s what she added:

“That’s why things changed for me after 2019. I had a Kaabil also which was commercially a success. I thought my character there had a lot of substance but it didn’t click. People didn’t think of it that way, so someone like me has to be constantly on toes and think about what’s next that I can do. You have to keep looking for those opportunities and not think in a way that I will only do leads or things like that. You have to leave everything out of the window and look for the character that will make people recognise you purely for your talent and hard work. “

After giving another success with Bhoot Police this year, today Yami has Dasvi, A Thursday, LOST, OMG2, and a few reported projects like Dhoom Dhaam and Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga. Having followed her trajectory since her TV days, it fills me with pride to see the place that Yami has reached today and it is deservedly so. The next few years will just solidify her position here and make her the star that she is truly born to be.