With the changing times, we have seen social media platforms evolve, creators explore different shades of their talent, new creators grow and cross amazing milestones, and a lot more. Well, one name that has grabbed our attention and gained immense traction on the internet is Dushyant Kukreja. A creator who has the ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face through his comedy content. If you wanna know more about this entertaining creator, then scroll down and find out!

A little about Dushyant Kukreja

Born and brought up in Hisar, Dushyant is a hardworking YouTuber who made it big in the creator industry ’cause of his dedication and creativity. He started his creator journey by creating content on Tik-Tok where he managed to establish himself as a social media star. From this day he decided to never give up and to keep creating and entertaining his fans on different platforms. The result of which is that today, he is the only Indian YouTube Shorts creator who is listed among the creators to watch out globally in YouTube’s Officials blog.

All about Dushyant’s content

For us, if someone ever says YouTube Shorts then the first name that will always pop our head will be Dushyant Kukreja, wbu? With over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 800k followers on Instagram he is totally making it big in the industry. Speaking of content, the comedic Shorts that he creates make us and his audience go on a laughter ride. And that’s the reason behind his channel becoming a trending tab amongst the youth today.

Here’s what Dushyant Kukreja has to say about his journey

I started my YouTube channel in 2016 which wasn’t regular and serious. I achieved 300-400 subscribers in 2 years. Then I started making Short videos regularly on Tik-Tok and got great response on comedy, lip-sync videos. When YouTube Shorts was launched, I did not upload Shorts but instead concentrated on making long videos and achieved 40k subscribers. Last May, I uploaded a Short, and to my surprise, it received 100 million views and pushed me to 100k subscribers. I started making more conceptual life stories and within a month I reached 1 million subscribers. Today, I have more than 6 million followers on my YouTube channel and I feel super blessed.

Dushyant’s journey has not only inspired us but his feed and Shorts are our one-stop destination for our daily dose of entertainment. His unique style, relatable content, and comic timing have helped him make his space in the creator world. We are looking forward to watching what Dushyant has in store for us. On, a side note we hope everyone is keeping safe and staying at home.