Instagram is a platform where creativity is the key to standing out and kick-starting your contnet creation journey. Many creators have their own USP and a niche fan club for the same. One such creator who caught our attention through his writings on the whiteboard is Ravinder Singh. This creator makes sure his content is relatable, impactful, and funny at the same time. Wondering how all three can be included in one? Then, scroll down to find out how!

Are you ready?

1. Girl Tribe

Damn, this post hit us right in the feels. This one is for all the women out there who are looking to boost their self-confidence. Wait no more, 'cause Malini Agarwal has brought to you a safe social media app with zero harassment policy known as the 'Girl Tribe by MissMalini'. So, download it right away and be yourself 'cause your imperfections are what makes you perfect.

2. Mohit Chauhan Songs

Firstly, yes we do too agree with Ravinder on this. We want new songs from Mohit Chauhan 'cause we can't ever get enough of his songs, can we? Also, this post reminds us of all the mind-blowing songs he has composed until now. Honestly, this post made us go to YouTube and play his songs too.

3. Normalize This

We would like to thank Ravinder for giving us this hard-hitting reminder that it is okay to fail in life and an even more imp reminder that people should accept it the way it is and not look down upon them. We defo agree with his caption as well which says 'Get rid of the shame attached to it and that's what we all have to do collectively, right?

4. Time Is Money

Ravinder you totally made us remind of one of the most famous dialogues from the movie 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' when Laila a.k.a Katrina Kaif said 'Seize the day, my friend'. And that's what we all have to do which is "live in the moment and forget about the future". Things will make their way on their own so, do what you want to and what makes you happy to the fullest.

5. Life Choices

Roses are red, violets are blue so let us be the way we want to. This is exactly how a woman should respond when asked, stereotypical questions like when will you get married, when will you have kids, etc. Or, you know what's better? You could just show this post by Ravinder and all the questions will be answered.

6. WhatsApp

OMG, again this post is so damn relatable especially for all the millennials out there. Don't we always tend to send messages and then call the person to check their WhatsApp so that there's an immediate reply? There's no answer as to why we do this but we do this, haha. Tbh, this should be a punishable act in the eyes of one's friendship, hehe.

7. Mask It Up

Here's Ravinder reminding us to stay home at the same time taking all the precautions needed to keep ourselves safe during these uncertain times. So, always keep your masks and sanitizer with you whenever you travel. At the same time, wash your masks 'cause that's important too. We have put our masks in the washing machine after this reminder, have you? If not get up right away and do the needful.

And here comes an end to these amazing posts. But dw, there's more on this feed for you to check out and to get those daily reminders. If his profile does not motivate or put a smile on your face then idk what will. So, don't miss out on 'The Whiteboard Guy'. On a side note, everyone reading this please take care of yourself and your closed ones against Covid-19.