Who said only creators can make Reels and videos on social media? Well, one’s profession surely has nothing to do with creating content, what really matters is the drive to be unique and entertaining. The Mumbai cop, Amol Kamble popularly known as the ‘Social Media Star’ is a perfect example to prove that not every hobby remains just as a hobby! He truly is a star who’s always on his toes on and off duty. He is breaking the internet and going viral with his dance moves. If you still haven’t watched this dancing Mumbai havildar’s Reels and videos then you surely need to get updated right away.

Here are some of his dance videos…

Who said Mumbai cops can’t be fun? Amol Kamble proves everyone wrong by jumping on the Jugnu, trend. Isn’t he adding that cool factor to this viral trend with his swag and shades?

2. Police ka ‘Raja’ aaya

Make way for the ‘Raja‘ police whose rockin’ and rollin’ in his uniform! How many times have you watched a cop dance and make trending videos on the street? We are sure a number of times in movies but in real life, Amol Kamble has to be the first one, amirite?    

3. Challenge accepted!

As a Mumbai Police on the field, he faces multiple challenges in his daily life. So, then how could he not accept challenges as an artist on the ‘gram? Honestly, the way he smoothly dances with that blindfold on, we cannot even imagine us dancing so smoothly without one.

4. Collaborations on point

Dayum, his collaboration with Rithvik in simple words is bang-on! The way they are both vibin’ here in this Reel just blew our minds. We absolutely cannot wait to see Amol collab with other creators and celebs.

Here were just a few dance Reels of Amol Kamble that made us his big fans! He really had us fall in love with his expressions, swag and style. For us, he’s a real-life Singham who has got us floored with his content. Also, on a side note, we hope while you enjoy your hobby and create content don’t forget to book your vaccine slots.