You can say that sex education in India is sometimes a bigger taboo than sex itself. There is no formal structure of education that has been provided to the kids to create awareness or to just impart knowledge about the same. Although now sex education is a part of the curriculum for many private schools across the country, the lack of awareness about the topic amongst the older generation doesn’t help the case. More than just schools, it is the duty of the parents to foster an environment where children feel safe to talk about and ask questions about their sexuality so as to get educated about the depth of their sexual desires, preferences and even problems. With lack of communication, the younger section of the society resort to other places to get the needed information. And here, the internet acts as a teenager’s  best friend but the sources (like porn) aren’t always reliable and true to the real life experience of sex. But now, with the growth of social media, the world is your oyster and you can avail any kind of information at the tap of your fingertips. It has become sort of a safe space for people who fall short of strong communication skills and sometimes pour their hearts out to strangers in order to find a sense of belonging and clearing their doubts. With Instagram Reels gaining momentum, content creators have a myriad of options to create content. Several sex educators have now made it big on the gram and are inculcating basic knowledge about sex, menstruation, personal hygiene and care with relatable tips about questions never asked before in a friendly manner.‌‌

Why Is Sex Education Essential?

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Sex Education

Sex education is extremely essential and has almost be |come the need of the hour. With changing times, it is important for parents and teachers to educate students about the importance of sexual health and which will slowly help eradicate the taboo surrounding the topic and also create awareness along with improving people’s attitude towards reproductive and health behavior. Developing a healthy relationship towards sexual relationships creates a healthy sociological, psychological and physical balance.

Here is a list of top 5 Indian sex educators who are creating bite-sized content and adding a touch of relatability and familiarity for their audience.‌‌

Seema Anand (@seemaanandstorytelling)

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Seema Anand is the perfect mother figure on the internet who talks about sex, pleasure, masturbation and literally anything and everything under the sun that you need to talk about. A mythological story teller who has studied the Kama Shastras who dwells deeper into the concept of sensuality and pleasure and making the audience believe that these acts are normal and not sinful.‌‌

Dr. Tanaya Narendra (@dr_cuterus)

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Tanaya Narendra is a gynecologist who advocates sexual health literacy. Her page talks about menstruation, safe sex, masturbation, personal and genital hygiene. She answers questions that most people have but are shy to ask. She explains concepts and situations with ease and simplicity just like a friend. She believes that having open conversations is the best way to start.‌‌

Neha Bhat (@indiansextherapist)

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Neha Bhat is a sex educator who talks about sex while dealing with mental health problems. She is fighting two stigmas at once. She is a trauma informed clinical art therapist and counselor that helps people get over their trauma and also resolve problems in their sex lives. She has created a safe online community for people to come and express their pain and get the right advice.‌‌‌‌

Karishma Swarup (@talkyounevergot)

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A Brown University graduate, Karishma Swarup educates people about the details of a healthy sex life along with tips to maintain personal hygiene to be safe and preventive throughout your experience. She also resolves doubts and answers questions about menstruation cycles, problems faced during intercourse and other roadblocks that people often come across when starting out.‌‌

Leeza Mangaldas (@leezamangaldas)

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Leeza Mangaldas blurs the line between the binaries of males and females. She talks about sex eliminating the heteronormativity. She talks about safe sex, the anatomy of the human body. She believes in creating a safe space for the child and the audience where they can express their thoughts and feelings freely without getting trapped in the worldly prerequisites and gender boxes.

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