Make way for the latest trend on the Instagram block! ‘Grammers have been going gaga over the ‘iPhone Filter’ trend which is also known as the #iPhonelockscreen trend and this one sure can test your creativity and ability to stay still. And of course, with a trend of this kind, content creators wasted no time to jump on it and managed to leave us absolutely impressed with their Reels. If you wanna know what this trend is all about and try it out too, let these fab creators show you how!

Ready. Set. Pose!

1. Jannat Zubair

Jannat’s Reel on the ‘iPhone Filter‘ trend perfectly shows you how to go about it. All you have to do is pose and stay still for a few seconds and then at the drop of the beat, you can move about, sway to the song or just be your quirky self. We love how Jannat lets her beautiful smile, steal the limelight here!

2. Faisal Shaikh

Faisal Shaikh a.k.a. Mr. Faisu generously adds a dollop of swag to this Reel trend and we must say it sure does take the vibe of the trend a notch higher. At the drop of the beat, Faisu’s fun groove is why we watched this one on loop, hehe!

3.  Nagma Mirajkar

Well, well, well… here’s a unique version to this ‘iPhone Filter’ trend. Like Nagma, you too can try this one out with your pet. The challenge sure is going to be to keep your furry buddy relatively still right? This one by Nagma is super cute and absolutely paw-dorable.

4. Surabhi Samriddhi

Surabhi Samriddhi a.k.a. Chinki Minki‘s interesting twist to this trend is ‘two of a kind’. We just love how this sibling duo owns each trend by trying something out of the box. Keep such amazing Reels coming in gurls, ‘cause we love ‘em!

5. Garima Chaurasia

Garima Chaurasia is taking the creativity bar higher here with this Reel. At the drop of the beat, we love how the camera moves along with the creator in the frame, and Garima sways to those beats with those amazing expressions… love, love, love.

6. Mohak Narang

Here’s one for all the couples to try out. Mohak Narang and Surbhi Rathore pose oh-so cutely here and then move on to some, even more, cuter smiles and poses. You can try this trend out with your bae and this Reel is perhaps just the inspo needed, right?

Isn’t the ‘iPhone Filter’ trend absolutely easy to do, it can be as creative as you’d like it to be, so what’re you waiting for, go try it out if you haven’t already. And if you were looking for some inspo, we hope these amazing Reels by creators helped you out. On a side note, we hope everyone is staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.