Whenever our eyes catch the attention of a Reel that's about friendship, our scrolling stops there and, we spend some time watching it on loop. No matter what we're doing or thinking, our friends are always around us like a shadow. Some creators on Instagram make content based on this precious relationship by juicing it up with some added humour and, we absolutely enjoy watching it. So, scroll down and watch some of these Reels by creators that totally remind us of friendship goals.

That's my best friend...

1. Kusha Kapila

We all have that one friend who always believes in us and motivates us to do better. While we stand confused thinking if we can do something, our pals are always there to remind us that there is nothing that we can't do. With her role-play, Kusha has totally made this Reel extra fun to watch, hehe!

2. Dolly Singh

Play this Reel in front of your friend, listen to all the qualities of a soulmate listed here and, that's when you are gonna realize that your BFF itself is your soulmate. The realization is very much emotional and heart-touching in this Reel. Wouldn't you say?

3. Krutika

Gotta trust Krutika, when it comes to serving us some relatable and funny content. Ngl, this Reel totally transported us back to our examination hall. On the day of an important exam comes, our friendship bond becomes 10x stronger, haina? What stands out the most in this Reel is that the expression in distress is almost the same on the faces of two best friends when they get the question papers.

4. Agasthya Shah

Even though the party-animal inside us is asleep when our own birthday is around the corner, our amigo's spirit is high to a level beyond maxxx. They'll start to hype our birthday before a month only. We must say that our friends are truly a blessing. They always do what they can to cheer us up and keep our spirits high.

5. Taneesha Mirwani

The intimacy involved in a friendship is translating so smoothly into a Reel here. 'Secret-keeper' is one of the many roles that our friends play in our lives. It's nearly impossible to keep any secrets from them, amirite? After all, they hide it all so well.

6. Tarini Shah

This is indeed a 'Thank You' Reel that can be dedicated to all our supportive friends. At times, when we are in our worst situation, they always come to our rescue with truckloads of inspiration and positivity. Isn't it amazing how they never let us feel bad about ourselves?

7.  Kareema Barry

Kareema is accurately depicting here what our conversations are like with our friends these days. All we have to share is some mask stories or video call memories. Brb, need some tissues to wipe off the tears rolling down our eyes.

These Reels totes reminded us of our dear friends and, it even played 'I'll be there for you' in our heads. Now, if you're feeling a sudden urge to meet your BFF, please make sure that you're vaccinated and are taking all the necessary precautions before you actually meet them, or wait why don't you just video call them now?