Salman Khan Reveals That Sohail Khan Wanted To Sign Aayush Sharma Even Before They Knew About His Relationship With Sister Arpita Khan

Salman Khan Reveals That Sohail Khan Wanted To Sign Aayush Sharma Even Before They Knew About His Relationship With Sister Arpita Khan

Akash Bhatnagar

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars this country has ever seen, so any project that he touches turns into gold anyway. Currently, the actor is busy promoting his upcoming action-drama Antim: The Final Truth, which also features his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and debutante Mahima Makwana. Aayush started his career with Salman as a producer and is now his co-star, but what fascinated me is that the family actually wanted to sign the actor before they knew about his relationship with Arpita Khan. Sounds intriguing right? Well, the story of that really is.

Narrating what happened, Salman reveals that his brother Sohail Khan had spotted Aayush in a gym once, and at that time he was working on a script that he thought Aayush would be perfect for. He discussed that idea with Salman too, but what followed was an interesting and somewhat funny story.

Here’s what Salman shares:

“We had a script for a film titled My Punjabi Nikaah. It was Sohail’s film but then I passed that age to be able to do that role. Then one day Sohail told me he saw this guy in a gym that he thought would be ideal for the film. I told him to sign that boy but Sohail told me that even though he is a regular, he hasn’t been coming to the gym only that he could talk to him.”

Little did they know that the boy they were searching for was soon going to be one of them, and as the stars had it, that first encounter where they realized that seems something textbook out of a film’s story.

Here’s what happened as Salman reveals:

“So, one day we all woke up and then Arpita called me. We all went to the window and saw this boy standing outside the house and Sohail realised that he had seen this boy before. Suddenly, Arpita tells dad that she wants to marry him. My dad asked her and then Aayush if that’s what they both want, and they agreed. In the midst of that, Sohail whispered in my year that Aayush was the same guy from the gym that he told me about and now that he will be a part of the family, he will get him to do the film for free.”

Well, that film might not have worked out, but Antim seems to be promising enough to take this personal relationship on a professional level. And this story kind of establishes that the Khan family gauged Aayush’s potential even before he became one of them. When it comes to Antim, I have to say that after seeing Salman as Chulbul Pandey for over the past decade, I am eager to see what new would he bring to this different, no-nonsense cop. Also, after listening to this story, I am all the more fascinated to see the onscreen equation between Salman and Aayush. I am sure it’s going to be worth the wait.