International Beauty Brands That Need To Come To India, STAT!

International Beauty Brands That Need To Come To India, STAT!

Sakshi Rawte

We’re not gonna lie, the dynamic beauty industry in India has seen an influx of some really awesome brands in the past few years. Lately, we’ve seen beauty giants like Morphe, e.l.f Cosmetics, SUVA Beauty and Barbara Sturm launch in India, and a beauty junkie like me couldn’t be happier. However, I can’t help but wonder, why are the other pioneers of this industry so far behind?

Fellow beauty-hoarders know far too well that we need to either wait for an international vacay to happen, which all thanks to the pandemic got inevitably delayed or risk ordering from official channels and pay exorbitant amounts as custom duties. There’s only so long we can wait, no? With so many brands coming up with the most versatile and fun products, not hopping on the bandwagon to try them out gives us some major FOMO. We’ve got a few brands that we’re super stoked to see finally launch in India. I know I’ve already gotten my list of products ready. Here’s who we are waiting to see grace us and our vanities:

Colourpop Cosmetics

Nothing comes close to Colourpop Cosmetics and its quirky, innovative makeup collections. Seasoned beauty lovers know exactly why this brand happens to be a bestseller worldwide. They offer a plethora of products ranging from pigmented eyeshadows to colourful eyeliners and even lip glosses and lipsticks. There isn’t one colour palette that this brand has missed creating a collection on. One factor that sets apart Colourpop from most drugstore brands is how they’re always partnering up with the TV shows we’re binge-watching or even the cartoons we grew up watching to create out of the box makeup collections. PS: They have the cutest Baby Yoda makeup collection that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Fenty Beauty

The one beauty brand that’s seemingly shaken the world of beauty by its collar has got to be Fenty Beauty. Created by Rihanna in an effort to make women of all shades, personalities and cultures feel inclusive, Fenty Beauty has done that and more. With foundations that cater to 50 shades, they’ve embodied the word “inclusivity” in every way possible. Their products range from universal lip luminizers that single-handedly made gloss cool again to their cheeks out freestyle cream blushes which are responsible for gorgeous flushed cheeks—there hasn’t been one miss from this eclectic brand. We’d be stupid if we didn’t take a minute to mention their lipsticks that are as deeply pigmented as a lipstick can get.


Who does skincare better than the Japanese? This luxury skincare brand has given the universe of beauty some unbeatable products. Whether it’s their award-winning water cream that’s a skincare shelfie favourite everywhere or their silk canvas that literally transforms your skin into silk, there isn’t a single product that’s missed the mark. Formulations that combine tradition and science are exactly why Tatcha has so many bestsellers. I for one, can’t wait to see them launch at Sephora and actually get a chance to get a first look at the product textures before I take the plunge to purchase ‘em.

Milk Makeup

If there was one brand that has successfully intertwined fun and beauty, Milk Makeup takes the award there. The moment I saw their advertising, I was sold. Fun, edgy, cool and quirky—who would’ve ever thought these would be the words to describe a beauty brand? Innovative products that come packaged in the most kickass way, their collection features everything from primers to mascaras and blushes. Milk Makeup has an eyeshadow that comes packaged in a tube, uber-cool I know. Want to know something cooler? They even retail a temporary tattoo stamper! I think when this brand finally does launch in India, it’s going to create waves of a beauty revolution.

Rare Beauty

When this brand first made news, I pondered to myself if we really needed another celebrity-owned beauty brand. However, after actually using a few products from Selena Gomez brainchild, I was frantically asking my friends if they’re planning an international trip anytime soon so I could get my hands on the latest launches! Liquid blushes that give your cheeks a wash of colour whilst keeping it natural and lip souffles that have the softest finish—these are just a few products that have knocked it out of the park! I can’t wait to try out their mascara and liquid highlighter. Selena, you may have not performed in this country but what’s stopping your beauty line from blessing us?

Pat McGrath Labs

ICYMI, Pat McGrath is a renowned makeup artist and the first one to have been made a British Dame by Queen Elizabeth II. Her luxurious makeup line is treasured by celebrities and makeup artists alike because it seemingly ticks off every box. From decadent eyeshadow palettes that have pigments you could only dream of to weightless lipsticks that are a star on every runway—Pat McGrath Labs defines glamour and all of its aspects. While their collections may be a little heavier on the pocket than most, they’re worth every penny spent.

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