Instagram, no doubt is our one-stop destination for everything entertaining. Every week we get introduced to a new dance trend or challenge and honestly we don’t mind it too! We love watching creators hop on to the latest viral trends and come up with their own creative versions. One such dance trend that has taken to netizens’ notice is on Vidya Balan’s song ‘Lazy Lad’. ‘Grammers are showing off their best moves and swag on this dance routine and not gonna lie but we are loving each and every one of these creator videos. So, all you ‘lazy lads’ out there what are you waiting for scroll away to get some inspo and jump on the trend bandwagon right away!

Here they are:

1. Rona Manger

Had to start with the trendsetters themselves! Thanks to Rona Manger and her friend as their cute moves to these catchy beats of the song ‘Lazy Lad’ won millions of hearts on the internet. These two girls seemed to be having a lot of fun while dancing at a scenic, hilly spot. Don’t they look absolutely adorable here?

2. Ashi Khanna

Is there any other right way of doing this trend, if yes then we are waiting? Wowie, Ashi Khanna and Rishabh Chawla’s take on this dance trend is super high on the fun factor and super low on the lazy factor. Now, you know the reason why we watched this Reel on loop, hehe.

3. Zaid Darbar

Here’s a couple who loves jumping on beds and Reel trends! Zaid and Gauahar’s impromptu take on the ‘Lazy Lad’ dance trend is just so adorable. From their cute outfits to their cute expressions, everything here in this Reel is….. love, love and only love. If this song ever had a creator couple version then #Gaza would have been starring in that for sure! 😛

4. Vishal Pandey

Can you name a better Jodi than #Bhavish when it comes to ‘bro-mance’? There is no doubt that Bhavin Bhanushali and Vishal Pandey take the creativity bars high with their talent and charming selves. The impeccable coordination and energy of this duo here are just awweeesomeee. But we wished Sameeksha was a part of this too, we missed you Sam!

5. Ashnoor Kaur

All fitness freaks out there, Ashnoor Kaur’s Reel gave us the assurance that ‘Hey, we can make our warm-ups fun and trendy at the same time’. Also, after watching this we can surely say that Ashnoor is far away from being a ‘lazy lad’.

6. Aashna Hegde

Gotta trust Aashna Hegde when it comes to creating some stunning dance Reels. She has proved that this dance trend looks superb in traditional avatars too. ‘Lazy Lad’ dance will be my saviour this wedding season and perhaps this Reel is just the inspo needed, right? So, go and save it now.

So here were a few dance Reels by creators on Vidya Balan’s ‘Lazy Lad’ song. From these Reels, we can conclude that creators enjoyed grooving to the quirky beats of this song. Just like us, we hope you got all the dance and Reel inspo through these creators’ videos. So, what’re you waiting for, don’t be lazy, go try out this dance trend if you haven’t already! On a side note, we hope everyone is staying safe and have taken your vaccination shots.