Have you seen Dear Zindagi, the movie? Well then, you must be knowing the greatest free-spirited psychologist of all time, Dr. Jehangir Khan who once raised a question about dating using a metaphor of chair, 'How many chairs do we check out before we find that one chair?'. The same theory applies to humans as well when it comes to finding a perfect date. Similarly, many creators on Instagram find the best way to put out relatable content about concepts like dating. So, keep scrolling and see how the ever-so-hilarious creator, Kareema Barry depicted a few of the dating scenes in her Reels.

Are you ready for 'Date-o-clock'?

1. Sometimes all I think about is you

Zoning out while you're on a date thinking of your fave K-drama actor is fine. But don't get too immersed in your thoughts that you scream, 'Sarangae' in the middle, hehe! 'Cuz the date is happening IRL and K-drama is not. Kareema is giving us major feels with this Reel and, we can't help but relate to it.

2. When he starts explaining bitcoins

Kareema is absolutely a whole mood here. Everything that's happening in this Reel is true and relatable. It's always best to talk about things that interest both the individuals during a date, haina? And bitcoin is so not the one. There are millions of topics out there that'll surely help to maintain the mood.

3. When you've dated the same guy

Along with the talented creator, Aishwarya Mohanraj, she's totes nailing the 'Best Friends' trend in this Reel. Not just that, they've also added a fun and relatable twist here. Now you know what it looks like when two girls who have dated the same guy meet?

4. Finally my boyfriend

With her expressions on point, she's showing us how sometimes we break our bestie's heart by dating the guy she's specifically asked us not to date. But somehow, we always manage to get out of it right at the moment we detect minute traces of toxicity. All thanks to our dear friend for giving us heads-ups.

5. When couples start to look like siblings

Haven't we all noticed how couples start to look like siblings after dating for like half a year? The secret behind this transformation is still anonymous. Now when this happens, we know that they're truly made for each other.

6. Perfect date night outfit

If you're confused thinking about what to wear on your date night, here's Kareema giving you some outfit inspo, hehe! She totally had us at the moment she started wearing those goofy accessories. We must say this girl is ready to do everything possible to entertain her followers.

Kareema always knows how to pave the way to our hearts and, these Reels are proof. Now, when you go out on a date, these Reels are likely to play in your head automatically, hehe! On another note, we hope y'all are staying safe at your homes by taking all the necessary precautions to fight Covid-19.