Exclusive: ‘I Am Just Worried That Shamita Shetty Or Neha Bhasin Will Go Crazy After My Husband,’ Rakhi Sawant On Entering Bigg Boss 15

Exclusive: ‘I Am Just Worried That Shamita Shetty Or Neha Bhasin Will Go Crazy After My Husband,’ Rakhi Sawant On Entering Bigg Boss 15

Nawaz Kochra

Every year to scale up the level of entertainment, we see the makers of Bigg Boss get in some unique contestants, in the middle of the game. Just like that a new bunch of ex-contestants are entering the Bigg Boss 15 house soon. Amongst them, is the entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant who will go on the show with her husband Ritesh. She will be entering the house tonight or tomorrow and as promised to me, Rakhi will take the entertainment quotient a notch higher.

Check out the promo here:

Today on her birthday, as Rakhi gets a treat to join the Bigg Boss house with her husband, I caught up with the actress for a super fun conversation, and every line she spoke, spelt entertainment for me.

Here are the excerpts from her interview:

On entering the Bigg Boss 15 house...

Pait pakad ke lot pot honewale hai, mazaa aane wala hai unko. Main khud itni excited ho kyunki dhamaka hone wala hai. Jitni goli baari border par nahi hoti hai, use zyada yaha hone wali hai.

About her marriage and husband Ritesh...

The world was saying she is faking, she is not married. They were calling me a liar, excuse me, I am not a liar, because my husband is a lawyer, he is a very big business tycoon. He has his own jet, he looks like Ranveer Singh, Tiger Shroff and Shahid Kapoor. My husband is the rocking star. If you send my husband to the border, he will teach a lesson to everyone and come back. He is khatarnak, he is very intelligent and also the most educated in the Bigg Boss 15 house. I have chosen a husband who is a lawyer, businessman and engineer, he has all the qualities.

Adding further Rakhi said...

My husband is so dude, all heroes fail in front of him. He looks so hot, I am just worried that Shamita Shetty or Neha Bhasin will go crazy after him. How am I going to keep them away from my husband? Oh my god what will I do? I am so protective and possessive, my husband shouldn’t do nain mattakka with any other girl.

On Abhijeet Bachukale's remark for her...

Abhijeet Bachukale wants to become the Prime Minister of India, so I will do Shapatgrahan with him in the house.

On her game plan for Bigg Boss 15...

I am going to entertain, not to fight or abuse, people want entertainment, so I am beyond all the hair pulling fight. I don’t know how I will react to situations, or how my hormones will react. Now I am going in so my hormones are down, but they will go up once I enter the house. I am also very short tempered, but I always control myself. This time my husband is with me, so maar dhaad toh hoga bhaiyya andar.

Well, I am totally looking forward to seeing Rakhi on the show and I am sure that we are in for some super hilarious moments in the house. Stay tuned!