Here’s How You Can Master The Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend

Here’s How You Can Master The Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend

Sakshi Rawte

The cat-eye has been a faithful companion to a winged eyeliner for as long as I can remember. It’s the first style I ever mastered! I still remember the number of times I messed up that sharp line and had to start alllll over again. While your regular winged eyeliner is a classic that will never go out of style, it’s always so enthralling to see a fun take on makeup, right? The latest reverse cat eye is a stunning switch that’s catching eyeballs everywhere.

ICYMI, this new trend is nothing but a risque and adventurous upgrade to the existing cat eyeliner. How did this exactly become such a sensation, you ask? Well, this look hasn’t just sprouted in recent times. We’ve seen stars like Deepika Padukone don an extremely intense reverse cat-eye at the Cannes Film Festival and even Kim Kardashian who rocked it at the same festival, just a couple of years earlier. We’re seeing this particular style make a banging comeback all courtesy of Tiktok and Instagram. Nah, we’re not complaining the least bit. Think eyeliner, but on your lower lash line with a dramatic flick. What’s not to love?

The reverse cat-eye is not as complicated as it looks, we promise you. Here’s how you can recreate this look–

Prime Your Eyelids

Before you apply any kind of eyeshadow product over your eyelids, priming them is key. If you don’t have an eyeshadow primer, the concealer you use every day works just fine! Priming the lids creates an even base for your eyeshadow and allows it to pop a little more than it normally would.

A Wash Of Eyeshadow

Before you begin with anything, pick a family of tones that you’d like to go ahead with, whether that’s cool tones or warm tones. After you’ve picked this, use the lightest shade to give your eyelids a sweep of that colour. If you’re in the mood to go a little deeper, take a shade that’s slightly darker and enhance the hollows of your eyes.

Start Wingin’ It

Unlike your usual eyeliner that’s seamlessly traced on with a sketch pen eyeliner or even a liquid one, the reverse cat-eye is best done with a gel eyeliner. Use a flat angled brush to allow you precision and sharpness. Trace the eyeliner on your waterline and follow your lower lash line to make a flick. Now, extend the line to the inner corner of your eye too. This will give it a rather feisty, feline-like vibe.

Smoke It Out

To give this cat-eye a sultry effect, pick some black eyeshadow up with a precise eyeshadow brush and begin to diffuse or even smoothen the sharp edges everywhere. To top it off, go back to the light eyeshadow you swept your eyes with and blend it with the diffused black. Voila! You now have eyes that mesmerise.

Bring In Some Drama

Well, if you’re looking to add a dramatic touch to your reverse cat eye, opt for lashes that are fuller towards the end. This trick works miraculously to make your eyes the centre of all attention by making them really pop!

Here’s some sensual inspo for the next time you want to give your eyeliner an upgrade—

A classic take on this trend, notice how elongated and sharp the outer corners of the eyes look? That's exactly why we can't get enough of it.

An intensely colourful take on the reverse cat-eye, how gorgeous does this one look? If you're in the mood for something bolder than black, switch it up with burgundy or some navy blue.

This one makes some points on inner corner drama, no? We're always here for some sultry eye-drama.

How could we forget our very own starlet sashaying this bold flick? This one makes a point that even sharp lines look fabulous.

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