10 Things You Can Gift A New Born Baby

10 Things You Can Gift A New Born Baby

Barkha Chawla

The arrival of a newborn is a celebratory occasion not only for the parents but also for close friends and relatives. We usually want to make it memorable by getting something for the baby that is special and unique and will be remembered by the parents. Gifting a newborn can be tricky and confusing, in this article we will share a few of our favourite gifts for infants.

When you are selecting a gift always have in mind what is the purpose of the gift – Something that can be used once or something that is sentimental and will be passed on to generations to come. You could also think of a gift that is useful to both, parents and kids.

I’m sure you will find a gift from this thoughtfully curated list that reflects your style, sentiment and fits in your budget.

Here are our top picks from Mama and Peaches

1. Personalised Name Blocks

How cute are these name blocks? It will fit perfectly in a baby’s nursery! You can even mix and match the colour of these blocks to match it with the theme of the nursery. Any parent will be ecstatic to receive these for their little one.

2. Hooded Towels

These hooded towels by Mama and Peaches are crafted in 100% organic muslin and come in a variety of cute prints. They are super soft and perfect for post-bath-time cuddles! The baby will feel super cosy in these towels

3. A Stroller

A stroller is a must-have for any parent and this DEMI grow stroller checks all the boxes when looking for a stroller. It has an all-season comfortable seat, swanky storage, (think of quick mall trips with your bestie) it can even expand to a double or a twin stroller. It will grow with the baby and is perfect for all kinds of terrains.

4. A Sleep Pod

A sleeping nest is a must-have for a baby’s nursery. An infant needs a warm and cosy pod for a good sleep. This nest can be placed in a cot until the baby is big enough to sleep. It can even be kept on the bed if the parents decide to bed-share. This pod is sure to make the baby feel cosy and keep them warm and get some snuggles with their mums.

5. Personalised Blanket

This ultra-soft blanket will keep the baby sleeping comfortably and you could even personalise the blanket with a motif of your choice and the name of the child. The parents and the baby are sure to cherish this for years to come.

6. A Memory Box

This is the kind of gift every new mama will appreciate and hold close to their heart. They can store little keepsakes from the baby’s childhood and it even has a photo record book with beautifully illustrated drawings. This gift will help the parent’s document the precious memorable moments.

7. A Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags have recently gained a lot of positive reviews from new moms; this is the perfect gift for a first time mom who is struggling with swaddling their baby. This unique design allows babies to sleep in an arms-up position and allows enough movement for babies to self-soothe.

8. Gold Bracelets

Bracelet and nazariyas are a must-have in any newborn’s vanity, Mama And Peaches have the most adorable designs and you can even personalise it with the baby’s name. These bracelets are adjustable and can be used for a long time.

9. Cot Mobile

The Baby’s vision in the first couple of months is very blurry; a mobile is placed on the cot so that the baby can stay entertained for a while. A high contrast moving mobile is a gift any baby will be easily attracted to. Check out the wide variety of designs they have.

10. A Gift Box

A gift box is a perfect gift if you want to mix a couple of things and make a hamper that the new baby will love, and the parents will cherish for years to come.

We got our hands on this beautiful hamper by Mama and Peaches, check out what we think of the same-


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