Winter is coming (no pop culture reference here!), and it’s time to change your skincare regime. Whether you have oily, normal, combination, or dry skin, your skin requires extra care and attention during this season. With the temperatures going down, it deprives the skin of moisture and strips it of natural oils, making it flaky and rough. So, we reached out to Dr. Noopur Jain, Founder and Consultant Dermatologist at Skinzest, and asked her to share her tips and tricks to beat winter skincare woes. Read on to know all that she shared!  

1. Apply moisturiser on damp skin

A good moisturiser can help your skin fight against the dehydrating effects of winter. Moisturisers, creams and lotions help to lock moisturise in the skin, so the best way to apply it on the skin is while it is still damp. This will help the skin to absorb the product more effectively. Whatever your skin type, it’ll require more hydration during winter. Hence using a rich moisturising cream is a must. For extreme breakouts and chapped faces, layering your moisturisers can also help.

2. Change showering habits

Hot water showers are a big no-no, especially during winter. Since the climate is cold, you would want to take hot showers, but it must be completely avoided. The sudden change of temperature hit on your body can damage the outer layer of the skin making it extra dry and flaky.

3. Switch to the right skincare products and be consistent

Alcohol-based products are not recommended as they can be quite hard and cause excessive dryness in the skin. A cream-based moisturiser will help to lock hydration within the skin. Go for products with ingredients that help to retain moisture like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and dimethicone. Once you’ve picked the right products, it’s crucial to follow the routine religiously to keep your skin hydrated on all days.

4. Cleansing

Most soaps in general are quite harsh on the skin and won’t help the skin cope during winter. Humidity is low during winter which makes the skin dry, therefore your cleansers will help to moisture the skin along with cleaning it. If you have dry skin, then cut back on soap completely or buy the ones that do not lather. Alcohol-free, and if possible fragrance-free, moisturising cleansers are the best choice.

5. Hydration is the key

You must know already that drinking water is great for the skin and especially during winters it’s more crucial to stay hydrated. Along with moisturising your skin from outside, keep your body hydrated from within as well. Even though you’re not sweating as much, your body can still get dehydrated as it’s difficult for the skin to retain moisture. Healthy fats and tons of water are the way to go during winters.


6. Never forget sunscreen

Yes, it’s winter but it’s still not time to leave the SPF behind. You must associate the harmful rays of the sun with the amount of heat felt on the skin, but no matter what, sunscreen is always a must during the daytime. The harmful UV rays can also penetrate through thick clouds and damage the skin, so make sure to use SPF like any other day.

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