Anything that gives an extra oomph to our pictures is likely to find a place in our faves. Creators on Instagram always put together some great elements to produce mind-blowing filters. It’s like a perfectly baked cake with the right balance of all the ingredients. We tend to add filters to almost everything we capture. So, if you’ve run out of some unique and amazing filters, we’re here to refill your stock with 7 new filters. Keep scrolling and save them all instantly.

Lights, Camera, Action…

1. Monday  – Gush by Gaurav Sony

Gush by @thegouravsony

Mondays are the worst, some would say, but it’s not so anymore. Gush by Gourav Sony is a filter that can literally give you the push required to get out of the bed and seize the day as you own it. We absolutely love how this filter is adding a lot of warmth to our picture. It’s even adding an illusion of bigger eyes, isn’t that amazeee?

2. Tuesday – Glow Vibes by Akriti Agarwal

Glow Vibes by @akritiagarwal7

Just like the name, we’re getting some good glow vibes from this click. Now, with this filter in our hands, we can safely bid adieu to artificial lights. It brightens up our face evenly and hence you can use this while making Reels as well. Now you can breathe in relief as you don’t have to carry your ring light everywhere you go, hehe!

3. Wednesday – Doodle Star by Mamta Singh

Doodle Star by @artistmamtasingh

If you were looking for a filter that would help you channel your inner artist, then your search ends right here. This artsy filter is one of our faves as it makes us feel all cheerful and playful. You should defo save this and use it later whenever you feel like being a bit goofy.

4. Thursday – Warmth by Hasan

Warmth by @hasancontractor

This filter can be a perfect add-on to your dusky pictures. With the right amount of warmth, the selfie looks 10x better here. Now, we hope you’ve got that perfect filter to use on your dream trip to Copacabana, hehe!

5. Friday – Weeknd by Karan Joshi

Weeknd by @karanjoshii

Here’s a filter that would turn your Friday into Fri-yay. On Friday, you deserve a good click that is extra radiant and vibrant. This filter would defo set your mood for the weekend. The subtle red lip tint makes this filter look even more impressive.

6. Saturday – Sparkle Glow by Eutropia

Sparkle Glow by @eutropiaofficial

With some blush on the cheeks and sparkles all around, this filter is undoubtedly a dreamy one. Not gonna lie, but we are amazed by how this filter makes the picture look all shiny in a jiffy. We’re not exaggerating here, but we can even click a thousand pictures with this. Don’t you agree with us?

7. Sunday – Shiv’s Cam by Shivani Paliwal

Shiv’s Cam by @shivaniipaliwal

With its unique components, this filter is surely a game-changer. We can use this on our selfies as well as other random clicks. The timestamp and recording symbols combine to add more uniqueness to this filter. We have already saved this one to use in the future, wbu?

And that’s about it fellas. We’ve come to the end of this filter ride. Honestly, we can never get enough of bringing to you new sets of fabulous filters every week. Next week, we’ll be back with a new set of filters. Until then, stay safe at your homes and make sure that you’re booking your vaccination slots at the right time.