After all this talk about international beauty brands making their way to India, we think it’s equally crucial to shed light on homegrown beauty brands that have made a mark in their homeland. What sets these brands apart from the barrage of multiple others is not just the quality of their products, but also the promise they make to their consumers and to the Earth. Sustainability is on the rise now more than ever and rightfully so!

Whether it’s embracing our ancient roots and bringing Ayurveda back to us, giving us completely recycled packaging or offering employment opportunities to women in rural communities—homegrown beauty brands are really doing it all, don’t you think? With consumers actively choosing to be mindful about all of their choices lately, these brands have found a permanent place in our vanities. Gone are the days when you had to go out of your way to purchase makeup or skincare products that were “clean”. A few indie brands that have stolen our hearts and laid a conscious path for us are:


Born out of a college project that circled around sustainability, this brand has distinctly created a mark for itself. Quite aptly termed “superfood skincare”, their main prerogative is to create a narrative surrounding nourishing food for your skin, to put it plainly. This brand has a little something for everyone—whether you happen to be a skincare geek who obsesses over ingredients like ceramides or a makeup lova who can never have too many cheek tints. Ilana with its versatile products and ethical philosophies deserves to be on everyone’s shelves.

Forest Essentials

A name that’s synonymous with Ayurveda, Forest Essentials is a pioneer when it comes to luxury Ayurveda. Binding us to our traditional roots, they have successfully infused ancient wisdom with modernity. With a variety of products made only from ingredients that are nourishing and contain balancing properties, this brand has set the benchmark for holistic and homegrown skincare. Along with award-winning formulations like the nayantara clear lash and brow serum to consumer favourites like the advanced eternal youth formula with date and litchi—Forest Essentials has created something that’s more than a skincare revolution.

Ruby’s Organics

Personally, Ruby’s Organics has a special place in my heart since it was the first “clean beauty” brand I ever tried and instantly fell in love with. Created by a beauty enthusiast herself, this brand uses only naturally and ethically sourced ingredients for all of its products. Wanting consumers to believe in the fact that makeup is nothing but value-added skincare, Ruby’s Organics offers lush blushes, intensely pigmented kohls and sparkling eyeshadows. Each and every product offered by them is non-toxic, infused with bio-active ingredients and offers a payout that’s as stunning as it gets.

The Skin Pantry

With skincare products made in small artisanal batches from the comfort of a homely studio kitchen, The Skin Pantry has been named aptly, don’t you think? This Mumbai-based brand whips up the most decadent (yes, we just called skincare decadent) body butters and body milks. Brimming with organic ingredients like cocoa butter from Ghana and Bulgarian French lavender, products from The Skin Pantry will have your skin and body feeling lusciously supple. Paying close attention to the aromas, textures and ingredients, they’re acing the organic skincare game and how!

KIRO Beauty

Another pillar in my journey towards mindful beauty was KIRO Beauty, a brand that has a plethora of options in its “skincare infused makeup” range. Staying true to its clean beauty promise, Kiro’s products range from airy matte liquid lipsticks to glamorous eyeshadow sticks. They’re at the forefront of helping us get rid of the notion that beauty cannot be sustainable and luxurious at the same time! Brimming with nourishing oils like argan, jojoba and even calendula, KIRO is defining accessible clean beauty that is affordable at the same time.

asa Beauty

One can’t spark a conversation on luxurious sustainable beauty and not talk about asa Beauty. Their products are more than 92% natural and do a stellar job of catering to the needs of a beauty aficionado who has a taste for the finer things in life. asa Beauty’s collection was created to celebrate consciousness and culture at the same time. Taking sustainability up a notch, the concealers, powder foundations and lipsticks are all available in refillable packaging. How cool is that? This means every time you’d like to repurchase or try a new shade, all you have to do is purchase a refill and fit it into the existing packaging!

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