Honestly, I have been loving to scroll the ‘gram lately solely ‘cause it’s filled with entertaining, unique and hilarious content. Moreover, the transition Reels that are shot with the trending audio are so fun to watch ‘cause each artist tries to add their touch to these videos. But there’s always one creator who starts these trends or who makes these super-cool audio remixes. One such creator who we always look for audio and Reel inspo is Gurnaz. She lives in Vancouver but spreads her love through amazing audio and transitional Reels. So, let’s get right into it.

Let’s ‘Tune‘ you to her feed

1. Jhak Maar Ke

This Reel had to be the first among the rest ‘cause it’s currently trending in big numbers on the ‘gram. And what kept me hooked to this Reel is her simplicity. Love how she makes transitions look so easy here. Also, if you’ve not used her audio to create your own transitions then we must say that you will have major FOMO!

2. Dilli Wali Girlfriend

This Reel is our fave and this audio too was trending back in the days, remember? What kept me waiting was to look at her transition and honestly, it was worth the wait! Love how she’s so fond of Indian outfits with just the right accessories.

3. Bano

It’s the hoodie season and this Reel just starts with her wearing one. Talking about her caption, we defo think she’d look damn pretty if she plans to pierce her nose just to add that extra ‘Indian-ness‘ in her. Also, if you go back on Instagram you’ll see this audio trending so, go make your Reels more visible right now!

4. Dil Dooba

Mera ‘Dil Dooba‘ after seeing her amazing transition on this nostalgic audio! Also, love how this entire transition goes from classy to sassy in just no time. And that hand movement right before the transition is just giving the vibe we are looking for. This Reel is honestly about all things love. <3

5. Afghan Jalebi

What really interested us here is how smoothly she connected the first audio to the second one. In the beginning, we love how each step was matching to its beats. So, no Gurnaz, you didn’t mess up so take a chill pill! And you’ve got to wait for the ending of this Reel cause there she’s straight-up talking facts, haha.

6. Baby Doll

This Reel is an outcome of two amazing songs which are Drake’s One Dance‘ and Kanika Kapoor’sBaby Doll‘ remixed into one. We love how effortlessly she has managed to look so pretty in this transition. And honestly, this ‘blue’ our mind away too. Gurnaz, give us some tips too pls!

7. Starboy

OMG, this is legit such a LIT remix, we can’t even express how much we loved listening to it! We’d defo give Gurnaz, thousand points for this one. Also, we won’t reveal much but this is what happens when Punjabi songs are remixed with English songs, and the rest we’ll leave for you to hear.

Weren’t these some cool transition and audio mixes? We have been hearing them on loop and can’t seem to get any of them out of my head! Also, if you scroll through her feed you’d defo save her audios for your Reels. On a side note, we hope everyone reading this is safe and is staying indoors while booking your vaccine slots.