With the 90s and early 2000s songs making a comeback, nostalgia seems to be hitting us like a train! We cannot help but reminisce the yesteryear days and listen to these songs on loop. And of course, looking at how these songs are taking the internet by storm, a trend sure did seem inevitable right? The recent track that has gotten grammers going gaga is ‘Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye’ by Bombay Vikings. Content creators have been moving to the amazing beats of this song, so scroll away to watch some mind-blowing Reels on this trend.

Ready. Set. Groove!

1. Zaid Darbar & Gauahar Khan

We had to start this list with the lady who starred in the OG music video of this song, Gauahar Khan. Zaid Darbar shared a Reel on this trend where Gauahar and he are seen grooving this number and that addition of the actual video in the end is just amazeeee!

2. Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli hopped on this trend with Muskkaan Jafferi and well, we love how the both of them have generously sprinkled their own touch to the choreo. If you’re looking at ‘Remixing’ a Reel with your bestie, this can totally be your inspiration.

3. Melvin Louis

When you need to take a break from your rehearsals, probably a chill groove sesh can be a nice breather. Just the way Melvin Louis and Nargis Fakhri tried one out here in the midst of their shoot. We love how the choreo here is smooth and easy.

4. Suresh Mukund

We have legit watched this Reel on loop and still can’t seem to get enough of it. This Reel by Suresh Mukund featuring Natasha Bharadwaj has such mind-blowing dance steps and we love how it’s so smoothly done. Tbh, Suresh and Natasha can we have more dance videos of you two, ‘cause we can’t get enough of this one right here!

5. Ricky Pond

Make way for the ‘Dancing Dad’ who seems to be nailing trends on Instagram, one Reel at a time. Ricky Pond joins this trend bandwagon along with his children, Dallin and Audrey Pond. We honestly love how they have such great rapport and they’re defo adding a dash happy vibe to this Reel.

6. Piyush Gurbhele, Sagar Bora and Rupesh Soni

This list would be incomplete without the trio whose Reel made everyone try on the ‘Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye‘ trend. Piyush, Sagar and Rupesh absolutely make this one look so seamless that one watch later, you’ll totes be inspired to try this choreo out, don’t you agree?

So these were some content creators who jumped on this trend and we have to admit that they sure did make this trend tempting to try out. For those of you who were looking for some inspiration, we hope these Reels have been motivation factor you were looking for. Also, on a side note, in case you haven’t taken your vaccination shots yet, please do take them at the earliest.