Most people would be of the opinion that long-distance relationships rarely work out. Your friends may even discourage it, in case you get heartbroken. But many experts believe that while LDRs are tough, they can be successful too.

So, we reached out to Ekta Dixit, Psychologist, Life and Relationship Coach, and asked her to host an Ask Me Anything session on the Girl Tribe by Missmalini App on managing relationships during COVID times. She answered all questions on ways to handle long-distance relationships, dealing with relationship issues, how to strengthen relationships, dating tips, advice, and more!

Q. I am in a long-distance relationship for the last four years. We broke up last year and eventually got back together, but now my partner is insecure that I might leave him again.

Insecurity stems from personal trust issues when the person doubts his place in his partner’s life. Check if there was any breach of trust in the past. Communication is the key, speak to your partner about what he means to you, also ask him he need not feel insecure by talking about your future goals together. This helps.

Q. People often say that long-distance relationships tend to fail and don’t work out, what can one do to maintain their relationship in these tough times and keep the spark on?

Long-distance relationships don’t thrive when both partners don’t put enough effort to maintain them. Some of the tips you may follow are:

  1. Have a dedicated time together to communicate (video/voice call)
  2. If you’re unavailable on any day or you’re held up, speak to your partner beforehand to avoid any miscommunication.
  3. Avoid clearing any misunderstandings or arguments on voice, instead, try doing it on a video call or talking face to face. This allows you to understand each other’s expressions.
  4. Go on a virtual date (video call dates)
  5. Send handmade surprises to each other. They really blossom relationships.

Q. I was in a long-distance relationship for about a year before COVID hit, leading to him being back home and closer. He’ll be going back soon and I don’t know if I can deal with him being away for so long all over again. Any advice?

Begin by communicating to your partner about how you two can connect over a long distance. Create a plan for virtual dates and regular talks when he isn’t around. Make handmade gifts for him…these are the little things that help. Remember the reason why you two are going to be away and respect that, soon there will be a time when you’ll be together. But when he is away, focus on your self-growth, and create plans with your friends and family.

Are you in an LDR? Do you have any tips for us? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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