There’s a rather pleasant chill in the air, and the weather seems cooler, no? It’s no secret that winters are finally here! No more sweltering heat and humidity that makes you sweat. Personally, I have a soft spot for this season because I get to stay curled up with hot tea and a classic novel. However,  along with the pleasantries of winter come attached a few unwanted things too. What are those, you ask?

Excessively dry skin, constant itchiness due to dry skin, skin that peels away, I can go on and on. Colder seasons might make you and me delighted, but our skin doesn’t feel the same way at all! Your body’s natural moisture tends to be lower than usual which can make your skin experience all of the above. However, you need not fret at all because we’re here to tell you what to do if soft skin is all you want this season.

Put A Stop To Those Boiling Showers


If you asked me to define bliss, I’d say nothing beats a hot water shower on a chilly day. No matter how good they feel, hot water showers aren’t the best choice for your body in winters. They fail to lock in any moisture and tend to dry skin out a lot more than usual. Well, it’s not possible to let cold water glide all over your body while it’s freezing outside, no? Try sticking to short lukewarm showers to ensure you don’t dry out your skin and retain it’s moisture.

Moisturise Your Body


You might have heard this an umpteenth number of times, but your body does need all the moisturisation it can get. With dryness in the air, your skin gets dry as the day progresses too. Slather on a hydrating moisturiser all over your body, at least twice a day. The ideal time to do this would be after your shower in the morning and before you jump into your soft bed. While you’re shopping for a good moisturiser, look for ingredients that are nourishing and intensely hydrating for your skin.

Don’t Use Exfoliators


As great as body scrubs maybe throughout the year, whilst the cold is here it’s optimum to stay away from there. Your skin is at its driest and most dehydrated this season, using a body scrub to exfoliate would only cause more irritation to it. Using any product that contains fine particles will result in your skin’s barrier being heavily damaged, making it prone to breakouts and infections. Try minimising your usage of body scrubs to keep your body as supple as you can.

Gobble On Fruits & Veggies


Well, we’ve made it pretty clear that this season is super dry, so apart from moisturising your skin and staying away from hot showers, what else can you do? As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Foods rich in water content are perfect for this time of year since they hydrate your body and increase its water intake too! The next time you feel your tummy growl and grumble, just grab a bowl of delish fruits and gorge on them. Your skin will thank you for it!

Get In Some Exercise


That glow you see right after you force yourself to workout for the first time in a month? That’s solely because of an increase in your blood flow combined with the release of endorphins by your body. As much as you may procrastinate your workouts, you know exactly how great they are for overall physical and mental health. Set aside a few minutes every day for some basic exercises and be consistent with them. In no time, you’re going to have healthier and softer skin!

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