J-Beauty: Everything You Need To Know About This Minimalist Regime

J-Beauty: Everything You Need To Know About This Minimalist Regime

Sakshi Rawte

We know exactly what thought is swimming through your mind as you read the title. “Another beauty trend? How do I even keep up?” Initially, we had the exact same thought when we came across this. Asian women, across countries, have been known for their radiant skin and lustrous hair. A major reason why we see a plethora of skincare freaks flock towards beauty practices that originate from Asian countries is only because of how effective these are!

Japanese beauty or J-Beauty, as it’s referred to in the world of skincare has been slowly enchanting people all over the world. It’s simply the epitome of ancient traditional rituals intertwined with the might of science. Unlike usual trends that involve a multitude of steps that can get super overwhelming, Japanese beauty is extremely minimalist in nature. Skincare that has just a couple of steps? Sign me up!

What Does J-Beauty entail?

We’ve already established that the Japanese prefer keeping the components of their skincare routine at an all-time low. Embodying the famous saying, “Less is always more”, becomes super easy with a routine like this. A standard Japanese beauty regime would involve just 4 simple steps—a first cleanse, a second cleanse, application of a lotion and finally a moisturiser! In case you’re wondering, yes two cleanses does indicate the famous practice of double cleansing your face. Did you also know that the Japanese invented double-moisturising too?

How Do I Start With A J-Beauty Routine?

That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. By breaking down each step of this underrated trend, we’re going to equip you with all the knowledge you need. So you can jump into this highly-effective regime that promises you radiant skin and saves time!

Step 1: The first cleanse

Throughout the day as we step outdoors or travel from one place to another, our skin tends to accumulate grime and oil without us even noticing it. To top it off, mix that with sweat and makeup and there’s a recipe for disastrous breakouts right there. All this while, you may be using a simple facial cleanser or water-based remover in an attempt to offer a deep cleanse to your face. Did you know that this is hardly effective? Choose a cleansing oil like the deep cleansing oil by DHC which removes all traces of  makeup, grime and even sunscreen!

Step 2: The second cleanse

Now that you’ve used an oil-based remover/cleanser to deeply cleanse your skin, it’s time for a second cleanse. The second cleanse should be done with a gentle cleanser that’s foam-based or even water-based. This will ensure your skin is squeaky clean with no residues of makeup or dirt left. DHC’s face wash powder has a never-seen-before formulation that transitions from a powder-like texture to a soft and gentle foam. It cleanses your skin along with making it feel softer than ever!

Step 3: The lotion

You might be a little perplexed to know, in Japan, lotions don’t really have the same connotation as they do around the world. For us, lotions are thick moisturisers we lather on when we need a massive boost of hydration. However, in J-beauty, lotions or liquid lotions as they’re popularly referred to, are thinner in consistency, almost water-like. Japanese women never ever skip liquid lotions, could this be the secret to their ever glowing skin? A liquid lotion must be patted into the skin gently since it preps your skin for the next step. The Hada Labo gojukyun hyaluronic acid premium lotion has an ultra-lightweight texture and boasts of the presence of 5 types of hyaluronic acids. We’re definitely intrigued!

Step 4: Moisturise

No matter the routine, the presence of a moisturiser is an absolute must. It locks in and seals all the nourishment provided to the skin by a lotion. Along with this, it also hydrates the skin making it supple and soft. A great moisturiser when used alongside a lotion, works overtime to strengthen the barrier of your skin. Yup, you read that right. Tatcha’s world-famous water cream makes for an ideal moisturizer to use along with a light lotion. It helps you work towards hydrated and healthy skin with the presence of power-packed ingredients like rice, algae and green tea.

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