When Bhumi Pednekar Auditioned Shreya Dhanwanthary & Vaani Kapoor For Dhoom 3

When Bhumi Pednekar Auditioned Shreya Dhanwanthary & Vaani Kapoor For Dhoom 3

Akash Bhatnagar

Bhumi Pednekar is one of the most sought-after leading actresses today in Bollywood, but before this, she had the job of an assistant casting director to Shanoo Sharma at YRF. There she had auditioned many known faces from today, and now two more—Shreya Dhanwanthary and Vaani Kapoor—have been added to that list and I am really intrigued by their story.

In an appearance on The Love Laugh Live Show, Shreya opened up about how she chanced upon at a Yash Raj Films’ audition and how it pushed her towards acting more, during her modelling days.

Shreya shared:

“At the time, they were looking for a new girl for Dhoom 3. Bhumi was working with Shanoo and she had come to Delhi to audition potential people who would be a good fit. I was one of the people and she loved my audition.”

Shreya was then told by Bhumi to fly down to Mumbai and meet Shanoo as she found her ‘incredible’. And motivated by that praise, Shreya did as she was told.

She said:

“So, I flew down to Mumbai for the day. I had braces at the time. It was just me and one other girl. Her name was Vaani Kapoor. We were auditioning for Shanoo, and she says, ‘Bhumi is right, you are fantastic, but I can’t put you on tape with braces. So, once they come off and you actually decide to take this seriously, come see me in Mumbai.’ Actually, that was the reason why I decided to finally move to Mumbai.”

And what a fruitful decision it proved to be not just for her, but the industry as well. Dhoom 3 eventually went to Katrina Kaif but both Shreya and Vaani paved their own path into Bollywood. They are both stars in their field and one of the most talented actresses out there. Scam 1992 just strengthened Shreya’s hold on her position here and now I am really eager to see how she utilises that momentum to prove herself and shine brighter than ever, with films like Looop Lapeta, Chup and Adbhut in her future line up.