6 Versatile Beauty Products That Deserve A Spot On Your Shelf

6 Versatile Beauty Products That Deserve A Spot On Your Shelf

Sakshi Rawte

I’m certain I’m not the only one who re-evaluated all of her choices in this pandemic. I mean, I was forced to do so! When it comes to all things beauty, I’ve always been a maximalist, just like a lot of you. I loved a full face of glamorous makeup, sparkly eyes and some blinding highlighter. However, staying at home for months at a time, shifted my preferences to the other end of the spectrum entirely! My relationship with beauty took a turn as my choices became more minimalistic. Did this happen to you too?

If anything, minimalism had a huge moment in the limelight this past year. Gone are the days where we’d require a truckload of makeup and skincare products to look the best. I’d rather own one product that does the job of 3, amirite or amirite? You’ve been one hell of a multitasker in this pandemic—working from home, finding a way to complete all of your chores and still managing to check in on your loved ones. So, why shouldn’t you use beauty products that multitask too? Versatile beauty allows us to be minimalist and steers us clear from the devil that is hoarding. Here are a few versatile game-changers that you’re going to love—

ILIA, Super Serum Skin Tint

We’re all into skinimalism now, no? All my full-coverage products are slowly gathering dust. Have you ever come across a product for your base makeup, that does the job of 3 products? Yep, we hadn’t either. The super serum skin tint from ILIA has a formulation that’s never been seen before. It infuses the goodness of skincare with the beauty of a skin tint and the power of sun protection. Hot damn! A couple of years ago, I would’ve never imagined a product like this actually existed. This skin tint feels exactly like skin, it’s extremely lightweight and leaves a dewy finish. What more could we wish for?

Glossier, Brow Flick

Technically, this one’s supposed to be used on your brows, just like the name suggests. However, the lockdown had me experimenting with most of my products and this was the one that stood out to me! The brow flick by Glossier is perfect for filling in those sparse brows and making them appear fuller without going overboard. One fine day, I decided to use it as an eyeliner, and it worked! Perfect for those days when you want a flick on your eyes but don’t want it looking too bold.

FAE Beauty, Brash Mascara

If I had one staple item throughout quarantine, it was this little guy! We’re all aware of how the right mascara can take your lash game up a notch. Little did we know that this product can be used in more ways than one. The brash mascara from FAE Beauty is a 3-in-one product that is so high performance! It offers volume and length to your lashes whilst slightly curling them too. It also sets your brows in place and gives them a rather feathery look. As if this wasn’t enough, I discovered another way to use it too! If you’re like me and have baby hair that bothers you throughout the day, use brash to pull the baby hair back and you’re gonna be stunned at how it stays in place.

Ilana, Beet Tint

Tints have been all the rage for the past few months. Every beauty lover seems to be making a shift towards liquid formulations, and rightfully so! Not only can tints be used with extreme ease but they can also be carried with you everywhere you go. The beet tint from Ilana is a lovely shade of red with a sheer finish. It blends seamlessly when applied, whether you have base makeup on or not. Apart from its texture, I love how this can be used on your cheeks for a flush, on your eyes for a pop of colour and on your lips for some soft colour. Saves me so much time, whew!

L’Oreal Paris, Extraordinary Oil

Staying true to its name, this product is truly extraordinary! Though the name states it’s an oil, it happens to be ultra-lightweight in consistency and texture, which makes it easily absorbable in your hair. Not only can this pick from L’Oreal Paris help you bid adieu to your frizzy hair, but it also works great as a heat-protectant before you use any styling tool. Usually, right after I use my straightener, my strands feel rather dry and coarse. I apply this oil with a light touch and my hair feels so soft and silky, instantly. One can even use this as a leave-in treatment for when you’re craving a nice spa day at home!

Bobbi Brown, Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick

Eyeshadow sticks are a saviour for when you’re on the go, which is probably all the time. They’re absolutely perfect for when you want to quickly refresh your makeup right before a meeting or even a hot date. However, did you know that you could use it in multiple other ways too? The long-wear cream shadow sticks from Bobbi Brown are intensely pigmented and glide on your eyes like a dream! I’m going to let you in on a little secret, these shadow sticks also work as a subtle highlighter and a lipstick topper too! Nothing like a little shimmer to brighten things up, no?

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