Never underestimate the power of social media! It has become an integral part of our daily life and has a huge impact on our whereabouts. There are so many individuals from around the world, who have been on social media platforms to create, explore or simply spread awareness. One such popular youth icon is Geet, India's first wheelchair-bound creator who shot to fame with the power of her words. Yes, you heard it right, today on the occasion of 'International Day Of Disabled Persons' if you’re looking for some serious inspo and a daily dose of motivation then you gotta keep reading!

A little about Geet  

Geet was born in a traditional Indian family and was the youngest of three daughters. She was a bubbly, talkative, and an enthu child. At the age of 10, she met with a car accident that left her paralyzed and made her bound to a wheelchair but this did not paralyze her from chasing her dreams to be a model and an actor. Her confidence and strong will made her unstoppable and that's what we love about her. Tbh, the way she speaks her words it's just like a wrecking ball, full of meaning and emotions and that just hit us right in the feels. With fans worldwide, she continues to grow day by day and we are nothing less than proud of her!

About Geet's content

Geet did not let her physical disability hold her back. Instead, she made turned them into her strengths and the result is in front of us. Little did Geet know that her dream of becoming an actress will come true on social media. Her motivational films and web series on socially relevant topics have been inspiring many out there. If you’re looking at love, friendship and relationship advice then no doubt, Geet is the ultimate ‘guru’ whose thoughts and words are so relatable. We absolutely love how genuine her content is. So, what are you waiting for go and check her content out now!

We got the opportunity to know more about Geet…

Geet (Source: Instagram | @theofficialgeet)
Geet (Source: Instagram | @theofficialgeet)

1. Tell us how does social media help you create an impact?

I use social media because one of my major goals in life is to make a difference in this world. I actually was a lawyer in the US, when I decided to move to India to volunteer with slum children and at-risk youth. Helping people is my passion. And social media has provided me with a platform from which I can reach millions of people with messages of positivity, self-love, self-improvement and societal change. I run 3 social media channels on most accounts, one focused on motivation in hindi (TheOfficialGeet), one focused on motivation on English (DearGeet), and one focused on teaching English (EnglishWithGeet).

2. While millions of creators are creating contnet on social media how do you manage to stand out from the clutter?

I think my content stands out in two ways. First, I always try to create content that caters to the needs of the audience and often the topics of my videos are based on audience questions or requests. And second, I am constantly experimenting with new formats and styles of content to keep the audience’s attention and to challenge myself. My primary goal in all the content I create is to provide value to the viewer.

3. How can content creators in the digital world showcase persons with disabilities more inclusively and mindfully?

When showcasing people with disabilities in their content, creators should keep two things in mind. First, why are they doing it? Is it to gain sympathy? Is it to garner laughs? Or is it simply to be inclusive? Try to aim for the latter. Do not make fun of people with disabilities at their expense, and do not simply use people with disabilities to create feelings of pity or even motivation, to just gain views. Be respectful and treat the person as a person who has feelings and emotions. If persons with disabilities can be shown in media as just “normal" people who happen to do certain things a little differently, I think it would greatly change the way persons with disabilities are perceived and accepted by the public.
Second, creators should actually ask the particular person with a disability they are creating with, what they are comfortable with, and how they would like to be showcased. I sincerely hope that creators and media houses will start casting actual persons with disabilities to play roles involving disabilities rather than having actors “act” as if they have a particular disability.

Well, Geet's never-giving-up attitude surely is inspiring! She proved that dreams do come true if you strive for them. With over 700k followers on Instagram, Geet has become a famous content creator whose content is unskippable. Also, for everyone reading this, we hope that you are staying safe and have booked your vaccine slots.