The grip HBO’s Euphoria had on the universe of beauty was incomparable. A stellar cast that told us the raw story of the complex lives of teenagers riddled with terrible decisions. As soon as this TV show hit the screens, millions of makeup enthusiasts all around the world were busy recreating the artistic looks spotted in the show or creating their own colourful renditions of it. We can’t deny that this TV drama ushered in a revolution of sorts when it comes to makeup. It pushed us out of our beauty comfort bubbles, as you may call it. Don’t you think so?

For far too long, we were utterly comfortable with our basic, smokey eyes and dramatic eyeliners, no? Euphoria was responsible for changing the definition of beauty as we knew it. Donniella Davy, the head makeup artist made sure the characters’ makeup narrated a story of its own. With the usage of bright colour palettes, bedazzling rhinestones and face decals—we came across a version of beauty that we hadn’t really seen before. The show went on to win an Emmy Award for its makeup, rightfully so! Slated to make a royal comeback for the second season, Euphoria is all set to give us lots of drama and beauty inspo. However, we’re still geeking out over some of the absolutely innovative looks the first season bestowed upon us. Here are some of our favourites—

Jules’ White Clouds

A rather simple eyeliner but super breathtaking if you ask us. White clouds were drawn effortlessly with a white liquid eyeliner at the outer corner of Jules’ eyes. This style is perfect for a daytime brunch when you’re in the mood to get a tad bit quirky. The white colour helps keep the look minimal, however, feel free to play with the colour and brighten it up too.

Maddie’s Vibrant Graphic Eyeliner

Personally, each and every one of the makeup looks created on Maddie was unrealistically stunning! This one in specific brings together two colours, lilac and vivid orange. I mean, who in their right mind would want to experiment with that combination? The lilac eyeshadow is accentuated further with the dramatic orange eyeliner that’s applied on the eyelid as well as the lower lash line. You could opt for this look when you’re wearing an outfit that matches the colours you’re choosing to play with.

Kat’s Inner Corner Drama

When we said the characters’ makeup looks narrated a story, we were talking about Kat in particular. All of her looks were letting us in on how she’s evolving as a teenager. This stunning black eyeliner with a prolonged flick is enhanced with a colourful wing in the inner corner. There’s a single rhinestone near her cheeks which we believe just ties the whole look together. This look seems ideal when you’re meeting your besties for a drink or two, what do you think?

Cassie’s Rhinestone Magic

Perhaps one of the most breathtaking looks on the show, this one has gone all out with rhinestones. Rightfully termed “The Ice Peacock”, shades of blue and green intertwine with silver and create art. Be careful to not miss the glittery olive green eyeshadow that gives an ethereal base to the rhinestones. To don makeup like this in public would require a lot of courage, for real! Though, we think a Christmas party would be the perfect occasion to try this one out.

Nate’s Grunge And Glitter

We definitely think his makeup deserves a mention, no matter how terrible his character may be. An intense smokey eye coupled with silver glitter on the temples is quite a glamorous twist to your usual grunge makeup, right? Perfect for a wild night out on the town, your eyes are definitely going to be the centre of attention with this one.

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