5 Fun Date Night Ideas To Explore This December With Bae

5 Fun Date Night Ideas To Explore This December With Bae

Joanna Fernandes

Tired of the same old, same old? Picking what to do for date night can be quite a task. Whether it's a first date or the millionth one with BAE, the basic movie or dinner date can definitely get repetitive. Mumbai actually has a lot of unique and interesting date opportunities, if you keep a look-out. Not to worry though, we have and we've got you covered!

1. Foodhall Cookery Studio

Yes, going out for a fancy meal is nice, but how much fun would it be to make your own meal? Foodhall Cookery Studio offers just that! Spend a special evening learning to cook with your partner from a professional with an entire kitchen at your disposal and just to yourselves. Each week, they have a different cuisine which gives you plenty of options to choose from. You get to eat some outstanding food and also gain some practice for future date nights at home!

2. The Game Palacio

If you're looking to have some sporty fun and unwind at the same time, The Game Palacio is the place for you! They give you the fanciest bowling experience with VIP treatment. You can enjoy dinner and drinks with bowling or at a separate resto-bar area, either way, the food is excellent. They also feature an arcade section with classic games like PAC Man and many others with opportunities to win exciting prizes. The entire place exudes a youthful and happening vibe.

3. Jio World Drive-In

Gone are the days where a movie date is just at home or a normal theatre. Jio World Drive-In has officially raised the bar! This drive-in theatre definitely paints a romantic picture and gives an old-timey vibe. Watching a movie under the stars in the comfort of your own car with some delicious popcorn and snacks, I mean what's not to love? With the pandemic showing no signs of leaving us anytime soon, this offers us a much safer experience.

4. Canvas Laugh Club

Sometimes you just want to have a good laugh with your bae where your stomach eventually starts aching. Canvas Laugh Club is a comedy club that hosts tons of famous stand-up comedians. It has an intimate setting which makes it even better and more interactive. They also have a snack counter for you to enjoy some delicious food and drinks while watching your favourite comedian.

5. Clue Hunt

A little challenge never hurt anyone. Clue Hunt is a live escape room with clues and riddles for you to break free in under 60 minutes. This requires you to use your brains collectively which in turn acts as a great bonding experience. If it's a first date this is a fantastic way to check your compatibility and how well you work together. Who wouldn't love this unusual date idea that brings you closer to each other?

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