Sara Ali Khan is currently going around the country promoting her song ‘Chaka Chak’ from Atrangi Re and I have to say that I have fallen in love with Rinku from the moment I saw her in the film’s trailer. The actress seems to be reenergized with the film around the corner and that energy reflects even in the trailer and especially the song ‘Chaka Chak’. Even Sara feels this to be true and as I ask her the reason behind it, she pours her heart out.

Sara says:

“We were shooting this film in March and then the lockdown happened. The first thing I did after lockdown was shoot Chaka Chak. So, it was all that pent up energy of not being able to work all this while that came out in the song. 2019 was a very hectic year between interviews, magazine covers, shooting two films, dealing with the success of two films and the failures hadn’t happened as yet. So, 2019 was a very high energy year. Suddenly in 2020, there was silence and that’s when the value of my job and the desire to go to a set and hear the word ‘action’, really came into realisation for me. When it finally happened, it was the pent-up energy of that lockdown that came out.”

The actress insists that Atrangi Re has a huge role in pulling herself out of the rejection and failure she faced with Love Aaj Kal and thus Rinku will always be special to her.

The actress adds:

“The one positive thing to have happened in 2020 to me was Atrangi Re. I am thankful for even that 15 days schedule we had in March. Love Aaj Kal came on February 14 and I started shooting for Atrangi Re from March 1. Within these two weeks of the rejection and failure that I had faced, I was on another film set with very high stakes and I had to prove. I had to go over there and fall in love and feel confident with myself, with Rinku and the film, and go out there and kill it. Those 15 days gave me enough to pull me through the lockdown. And just when I couldn’t take it anymore, Aanand ji came to me with Chaka Chak. The only thing worth living for in 2020 was Atrangi Re, beside my family.”

It was her Atrangi Re director Aanand L Rai that gave her some words of wisdom, that helped change her outlook towards her work and things that were happening around her.

Sara reveals:

“Aanand ji explained this to me that Sara has faced rejection after Love Aaj Kal but Rinku has not. So, if I get affected by that and don’t play on the front foot now, not only I am screwed, but he is too. There’s a balance in play. It’s not about brushing aside what happened. You deal with it and read about what people didn’t like and analyse it. But when you are on a film set, you don’t take the baggage of the failure of Love Aaj Kal or the success of Kedarnath with you. You are not Zoe or Mukku anymore, you are Rinku and you have to be honest to that world. And that helped me deal with it all the most. Rinku helped Sara instead of Sara pulling Rinku down. It could have gone either way. It’s part of the reason I am okay today.”

Sara actually comes out with a renewed energy in Atrangi Re, something that I had witnessed in her in Kedarnath. And seeing that what her debut film did for her, I am sure that this film will also do wonders. There is a lot to explore in Sara’s histrionics and with every project the actress is doing just that and I am really enjoying the path that the actress has undertaken for her career.