Creators on Instagram never fail to find the best way to entertain us. As a part of which sometimes they even share the frame with their siblings to surprise us. And honestly, it's something we love to the core. It's like they are emitting positive radiations via Reels to make us embrace the blessing of having siblings. Now, when it comes to the sibling bond and good content, Vishnu Kaushal and his brother Govind Kaushal can undoubtedly be considered as a whole package. They never fail to make us roll on the floor laughing with their ultra-relatable content. The role-plays they do in different scenarios are indeed something worth discussing. So, we've rounded up some Reels in which they appeared together to entertain us. Go, scroll your way through them.

Here we go...

1. Problems of 13-year-olds, today vs in the 2000s

We all know how kids are also putting in efforts to become content creators these days. And so it's no wonder if the slightest variation in the algorithms of Instagram is a cause for them to worry. But the scenes were totally different in the 2000s, as what happened in the other division of class used to disturb students the most back in those days. Not just that, in this Reel, this sibling duo is also reminding us of our fave game of those times, 'Red Hands'.

2. Urban vs Desi Moms

In this Reel, they are shedding light on the difference between how Urban and Desi moms greet their relatives. By nailing it with their killer accent and acting skills, they're transporting us to two very different scenarios with a single Reel. Not to mention the hair wig that Vishnu is wearing here got us laughing out loud.

3. Gen-Zs vs Millenials

While Gen-Zs talk about the internet and its algos whenever they meet up, millennials love to pester their pals, hehe! They're accurately depicting the contrast between 'Real life' and 'Reel life' in this Reel. Aren't their acting skills so cute and out of the world?

4. Urban vs Desi Dads

The Kaushal brothers are again making us all go 'hahaha' with their comparison of Urban and Desi dads. After watching this Reel, we can't help but nod our heads in agreement. What got us laughing even harder is how Govind lost it towards the end of the Reel.

5. Heartbroken 15-year-olds, today vs in the 2000s

While making Reels on sad songs is how 15-year-olds today combat the sorrow of getting their hearts broken, searching for compasses is what their forerunners used to do in the 2000s. Then, it was followed by recollecting some 'FLAME-ing' (iykyk) memories and posting sad quotes on social media.

6. The one with all the bloopers

Watching the final product of their hard work in the form of a Reel is fun and all. But you know what's funnier? Getting a sneak peek into some of their bloopers. Here, this duo has put together some of their BTS to show us what actually goes behind the making of their hilarious content.

Tbh, we've thoroughly enjoyed watching the chemistry of this talented sibling duo. It takes a lot of planning and creativity to make rendition Reels like these and these guys have proven it again that they've got some real talent. On another note, we hope you all are strictly adhering to the norms of Covid-19 and are taking all the necessary precautions to fight the pandemic.