7 Foods That Will Leave You Charged Up For the Day

7 Foods That Will Leave You Charged Up For the Day

Suruchi Patwary

What we eat impacts a lot of areas of our day to day life. And since the pandemic is still very much alive and our health has become our utmost priority, it is important that we focus on what we feed our bodies so we have the energy to get through it and become stronger. So, we spoke to Dr. Rohini Patil who specializes in the field of diet and nutrition and is one of the very few doctors working in this field to know about some of the best foods that will charge us up for the day and keep our energy levels high. She recommended 7 such foods and we've listed them below for you so you can make the right food choices too. Read on to know about it.

1. Almonds

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Almonds are the storehouse of many important nutrients, like B vitamins and magnesium, which help the body to convert food to energy. Research has shown that people who have low magnesium levels get tired very quickly than others while performing day to day activities, exercise etc. So, include almonds in your diet at least once in a day to keep you going the whole day. You can either have them empty stomach in the morning but they should be overnight soaked, or else you can use them as a topping on your desserts, smoothies and other food items. You can also have almonds when you are hungry in between the meals as a healthy snack option as they also provide you with fibre, which is very beneficial for your digestion.

2. Peanut Butter

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Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very tasty, healthy and nutrient rich food item which a lot of people love to have mostly for breakfast. Although peanut butter is a calorie dense food, it also has various health benefits. Peanut butter is a great energy booster for you to keep going the whole day. It is rich in healthy fats, protein and fibre which helps to combat your hunger pangs and also helps in balancing your blood sugar levels and to keep it stable.

You can use peanut butter as an addition to your smoothies for a better taste and a protein boost. It can also be used as a spread for your toast and is healthy than the no-nutrient based jams and processed spreads. Another way to include peanut butter in your diet is that you can have 1 tbsp of it as a snack in between your meals which is a better and healthy way of snacking.

3. Banana

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Bananas are known to be power packed and portable healthy snack. They are enriched with vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium which are the nutrients that promote muscle function and sustained energy. Bananas are the best as a pre and post workout snack as they provide you energy for your workout and are healing for your muscles after the workout. You can have a banana as it is or you can also pair it with other fruits and consume it as a fruit bowl. You can even make a banana smoothie by adding milk, oats and cinnamon powder to it. Another great way to consume it is to pair low fat milk or yogurt with a banana and have it as a mid morning meal which is a energizing combo of protein and fibre.

4. Kale

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Kale is nutrient rich energy booster which you can use in your salads instead of iceberg lettuce. Kale leaf is also used sautéed as a side dish for your meals, you can chop them and add to your whole wheat pastas. The main reason behind kale’s energy boosting properties is that it contains the amino acid L-tyrosine, which enhances the cognitive ability of your mind as well as is rich in fibre and antioxidants that help you fill up really well and also helps in keeping your blood sugar levels stable along with keeping your overall health in place.

5. Oatmeal

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A popular choice in the fitness industry, oats or oatmeal is suggested by nutritionists very often to include in your diet. This is because oatmeal has numerous health benefits which every individual should get benefited from for better health. The high fibre content of the oatmeal is the reason that they are very filling and are a great energy booster. The fibre takes longer time to digest, and consuming it in breakfast will power your energy stores for the whole day. It's a much more healthy option for breakfast.

6. Pistachios

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Pistachios are a storehouse of energy that is rich in fiber, protein and monounsaturated fats that are healthy for the heart, which adds up to perfect healthy snack! Their rich protein content makes them the ideal food for energy all the long. You can add them in your smoothies, along with other nuts and seeds which is a really healthy way of snacking and also helps in healthy weight loss. It also provides you with many important nutrients.

7. Hummus

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Hummus is an Mediterranean dip which is particularly made of chickpeas and other few simple ingredients like olive oil and lemon juice which have the nutrients that contribute for energy. The chickpeas are rich in protein and have some amounts of carbohydrates, the protein content of the chickpeas helps stabilize the blood sugar, combats hunger and also boosts energy. You can have hummus dip with vegetable sticks, corn based chips, quinoa made chips etc. which will also serve as a healthy snack and increase your protein intake.

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