We love a fun Bollywood song that's so catchy that it just gets so difficult to not let it play on your mind on loop! And if the song is so catchy, of course, all of social media would be going gaga about it too. Sara Ali Khan's upcoming movie, 'Atrangi Re' has been buzzing on the internet and its song, 'Chaka Chak' has been making creators wanna groove to the beats. Sara joined some of these creators too and well, the Reels were an absolute visual treat. Check out these Reels right here!

Ready... Set... Go!

1. Afsha Khan

Taking on the 'Chaka Chak' trend out here is Afsha Khan along with Sara Ali Khan, who defo made this Reel such a wonderful watch. Their in-sync hook steps and happy vibe just enhances this video. Tbh, we sure do want to watch more of Afsha's dance Reels.

2. Aadil Khan

Aadil Khan's take on this trend sure was different from the rest and one that's rather a funny one. The creator added a storyline where Sara is absolutely adorable with her reply and reaction. And that phugdi at the end is quite unexpected but still kyuuuttt!

3. Sana Khan

What makes for a wholesome dance Reel? Some amazing dance moves, fab expressions, a bit of that quirkiness as well as grace and big beautiful smiles, of course. And well, this Reel has it all. We absolutely love Sana and Sara in this one!

4. Garima Chaurasia

Recreating the steps here from the 'Chaka Chak' number is Garima Chaurasia who has done such a fab job! With some on-point expressions, dance moves and grace, this creator has wowed the 'grammers.

5. Malishka Mendonsa

Sara Ali Khan got the 'Mumbai Ki Rani', RJ Malishka to dance to the beats of this song and we cannot get enough of it. Malishka looks absolutely cute as she tries out the hook step of 'Chaka Chak' along with Sara.

6. Tanya Balchandani

Now here's a Reel that's raising the bars with its creativity. We loveeee how Tanya has taken the words from the lyrics and visually represented them with drawings. And then, of course, those stunning transitions to the beats eventually leading to the final look is totes mind-blowing!

So here were a few of the creator's Reel on the popular track, 'Chaka Chak'. With creators bringing their A-game one Reel at a time, tbh, we cannot wait to see what more do they have in store for us. If you were looking for dance inspo to try this trend out, we hope these creator Reels have been the motivation factor you needed. On a side note, we hope everyone reading this article is staying safe and have taken their vaccination shots.