Indie Artists are gaining the much-needed momentum and hype. And without a doubt, the music, artists and bands deserve every bit of it! From the deep lyrics to the soulful musical renditions that transport you to another realm where you feel an unmatched sense of calm and serenity. From Prateek Kuhad’s Tune Kaha to Anuv Jain’s  Alag Asmaanit always feels like you’re in a private concert specially curated for you.

1. Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain has been on everyone’s playlist with his heartwarming tunesbe it Baarishein, Mishri, Alag Asmaan or Riha. He knows how to captivate his listeners with his music and deep lyrics. The way he softly sings ‘Teri Aankhon Ka Kaajal Na Phaile Ab Kabhi Bhi, Tujhe Itna Pyaar Doon’, it fills your heart with poetry like love and your insides melt like a gooey mess.

2. Bombay Bandook

Bombay Bandook is an underrated indie band comprising talented musicians that include Sannidh Shah, Brijesh Joshi, Avneesh Gadgil, Nachiket Karekar, Tushar Lall and Jagravi Rao who create soulful music that leaves you feeling serene, mesmerised and somehow completes you. With the subtle music, striking instrumentation and strong lyrics, their music doesn’t disappoint from Ritu Rani to Azad, to Yaman to Parvaaz it is hard to pick one.

3. The Local Train

The band includes lead vocalist, lyricist and guitarist Raman Negi, lead and acoustic guitarist Paras Thakur, bassist Ramit Mehra, and drummer and percussionist Sahil Sarin. They weave magic with their tunes, be it the romantic vibe of Aaftaab or the melancholic freshness of Choo Loo fills your soul and feels like an embrace that warms you on a chilly winter night.

4. Dream Note

Dream Note is a band from Jaipur formed by Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh later joined by Yash Verma, Taresh Agarwal, Saurabh Parihar, and Bharat Pareek who create music that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you cling on to the lyrics that brighten up your cloud days. It is the heartbreak you feel every time when Waqt ki Baatein starts playing and the sense of liberty that sets you free with Mehfuz and Khidkiyaan.

5. The Yellow Diary

The five members—Rajan Batra, Himonshu Parikh, Vaibhav Pani, Stuart DaCosta and Sahil Shah have been composing captivating tunes with poetic lyrics. From Roz Roz to Rab Raakha, their songs just make an imprint on your mind. The monophonic tunes leave you hypnotized and you can’t stop humming them.

6. When Chai Met Toast

This small multi-lingual band formed in Kochi with lead vocalist Ashwin Gopakumar, guitarist Achyuth Jaigopal, keyboardist Palee Francis, and drummer Pai Sailesh create music in Hindi and English with small bits in Tamil and Malayalam. Their feel-good music sets the tone for a serendipitous mood. From the soft tracks of Kahaani to the wondrous Joy of Little Thingsit transports you to another world of calmness and unbounded serenity.

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