6 Times We Were Obsessed With Katrina Kaif’s Showstopping Makeup Looks

6 Times We Were Obsessed With Katrina Kaif’s Showstopping Makeup Looks

Sakshi Rawte

Katrina Kaif has been dominating the internet lately, all thanks to her rumoured nuptials. However, we aren’t here to talk about that. Over the years, we’ve seen a rather dynamic evolution of her beauty, don’t you think? Her persona has evolved from the fresh-faced Bollywood starlet to a stunning actress that takes away our breath every chance she gets.

With the national success of her beauty brand, Kay Beauty, Katrina is no stranger to the universe of makeup. An ardent lover of beauty herself, she made sure that Kay Beauty has a little something for everyone. Lately, we’ve been stalking her Instagram a tad bit more than usual and we just can’t keep calm about all of her makeup looks! Right from some muted neutral glam to an intense smokey eye, is there anything Katrina can’t do? Here are a couple of looks that we can’t seem to get enough of—

Neutrals With A Pop Of Blue

If you thought neutrals were boring, think again! Making subtle tones look glamorous, Katrina stuns us as always. She’s added a pop of colour with a pastel blue that complements her outfit perfectly. Notice how her cheeks are intensely flushed? That’s the key to making any neutral makeup look stand out.

Peachy Pinks For The Win

Peachy-pinks are one of the most versatile hues and are ideal if you want to steer clear from experimenting with too many colours. Katrina’s kept her colours minimal with a matte peach eyeshadow that brings out her hazel eyes. Her cheeks have an extremely sheer wash of some pink blush that doesn’t take attention away from the rest of her look. Her creamy lipstick is a shade of pink mixed with some mauves, and that’s what enchanted us.

Turning The Heat Up With Some Smoke

Kat’s turning up the temperature by a few degrees with this intense smokey eye. With tones of deep olive green as opposed to the usual black, this particular makeup is as fierce as it gets. She teaches us that experimenting with your beauty choices is tots normal! Pairing the deep smokey eye with a nude lipstick maintains an equilibrium of sorts, don’t you think so? Brb, sporting this for my upcoming Christmas party.

Painting The Town Red

Giving blazing a whole new meaning, Katrina’s bold cherry lips are the epitome of a beauty statement. If you’re looking to make heads turn, what’s better than a classic red? There’s no denying that red lipstick is all the arsenal you need to make you feel powerful, and Katrina just proves it to us.

Girl Next Door

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than keeping it simple, no? With a subtle winged eyeliner, Katrina shows us how the eyes can be made to look a little bigger, giving them a whole doe-eyed vibe. A coral lippie just adds extra oomph with its vibrant hue that brightens the whole face up!

Kat Says Meow

We saved the most ethereal makeup look flaunted by the superstar for last, obviously! A dramatically smokey feline flick in black does a stellar job at intensifying the eyes. Yep, we cannot stop staring. Her cheekbones are defined and sculpted with a sharp contour, elevating this showstopping look.

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