Sanket Mehta and his vahini, Unnati Malharkar are not just great friends but amazing dancers of the popular dream team, ‘Damnfam’ too. Needless to say, when these two share the screen the dance floor is bound to be set on fire ‘cuz they just rock it together like peanut butter and jelly, hehe. Tbh, it’s a treat to watch them perform. Now, get your dancing shoes on and scroll through the dance partyyy of #UnnSa, as they are called affectionately by their fans.

So let’s get on the floor…

1. Bijlee Bijlee

Starting with this sizzling performance of them dancing on the trending song, ‘Bijlee Bijlee’ by Harrdy Sandhu. Much like the song, even this duo has killed it with their electrifying moves and energy. We’re sure that if they participated in a dance reality show, they would’ve surely taken the trophy home, amirite?

2. Phone Remix

Bruaah! Be it bhangra or hip-hop, Sanket and Unnati both nail it like rockstars and we can’t help but drop our jaws in awe as we see them slay those crazy moves with so much ease. Ngl, no matter how many dancing videos these two upload together, it will not be enough.

3. Brown Munde

Well, exactly like AP Dhillon knows how to ‘Gauna Vi Aunda Te Lyrics Ae’, our #UnnSa know how to dance and also know how to slay. Aren’t they just smooth like butter when it comes to dancing? Also, this one is a lil’ extra-special ‘cuz there’s a full version of it on Unnati’s YouTube channel, woohoo. Check it out right here.

4. Deewana Hai Dekho

Tbh, if the makers ever remake this song, they can easily cast Unnati and Sanket as Poo and Ladoo, ‘cuz they have absolutely aced the choreography and the vibe is almost infectious, don’t you think so too? Not to mention, brownie points to both of them for even matching their body language.

5. Dinero

Another smooth choreography and execution by the insanely talented and gifted dancers, Unnati and Sanket. This has been a trending dance Reel performed by many but the way these two have pulled it off is beyond amazing and we honestly can’t stop watching it on repeat, wbu?

6. Radha Kaise Na Jale

Don’t know about Radha but we’re defo jealous about how amazing these two are at dancing, hehe. We wish we could also dance the way they do, alas! Honestly, as Geeta Kapur a.k.a. Geeta Ma would say, this performance is totes, stupendo fantabulously fantastically magical.

7. WET

This Reel is simply awesome and we can’t help but keep watching it on loop. We absolutely love how they have made shuffling look so easy and doable. Ngl, we did try doing it ourselves but it is quite difficult to follow. Hats off to them for totally burning the dance floor.  

Aren’t they simply amazing? We absolutely adore their friendship and their skills which truly make them one ultimate dancing duo. On a side note, we urge you to get vaccinated and stay safe.