Bollywood and numerology might seem like two things that don’t have anything in common, but the latter usually governs the former. Be it adding an extra letter or removing one from your name, or following a pattern of release dates coinciding with your lucky number, the Bollywood gang has their fair share of beliefs. And why shouldn’t they, considering the millions of rupees riding on every single project. Being a sceptic growing up, I never understood that, but as I get older and evolve, I still don’t believe in it, but I do get the point behind it.

Now, with the wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal mere hours away, the whole media is abuzz with stories and articles around the couple. Since the duo never really came on record to accept or deny their relationship, there are several theories being built around their union, the couple and their wedding, and I am here to contribute to that.

I observed something unusual. The Katrina-Vicky wedding is taking place on December 9, and surprisingly Vicky’s username on Instagram is @vickykaushal09. Coincidence much? Had Vicky been forever hinting at the date he was going to get married for a long time and we only missed it somehow? Well, we might never get an official confirmation on it, but we can deduce things on our own.

The number 9 isn’t Vicky’s birthdate or even the sum of the digits of his birthdate. Not even Katrina’s birthday is as such, rather the duo has the same birth date, 16, which sums up to 7. So, the story behind the number 9 must be a juicy one. I just hope this theory doesn’t end up being a dud by being a case of mere username availability.

Industry’s fascination with numbers and alphabets isn’t something new. Take for example, Akshay Kumar’s lucky number is nine, so sometimes he prefers to either release his films on dates that add up to nine or like in the case of Good Newwz, make the number of alphabets in the title of the film equal to 9. Karan Johar self-admittedly had the fascination with the letter ‘K’ which was hilariously joked about by Ajay Devgn on Karan’s chat show Koffee With Karan. Even Ekta Kapoor used to have a fascination with the same letter of the English alphabet.

For now, I can just assume things and deduce it on the basis of data available since neither Vicky nor Katrina have come on record to speak about it. But it feels great to see all the hustle and bustle around in the industry due to this grand event. I had been missing it all for the past two years due to the Covid pandemic and Akshay’s Sooryavanshi might have brought the theatres back to business, but Vicky and Kat’s wedding has brought the whole industry and the media alive. I just wish both of them a big congratulations and a happy and adventurous married life to come.