True friendship is when even in the happiest moments of your friend, you can still have a little fun with them while also participating in their happiness. At least that’s how I perceive friendship to be and how I treat my own friends. Yesterday marked a big day for the Hindi film industry as two of its leading stars, Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal tied the knot in Rajasthan in a beautiful ceremony. The whole media was abuzz with updates from the much-awaited event, and as soon as the couple unveiled their first pictures as husband and wife, the whole country went into a frenzy.

Check out the pictures here:

Even the industry people got in line to wish the newlyweds a happy married life. But what caught my eye was how, in the truest way of friendship, Anushka Sharma had a quirky yet heartfelt wish for her friend Katrina and Vicky.

This is what she posted:

With this post, Anushka also confirmed that she and husband Virat Kohli are now going to be new neighbours with this newlywed couple. And I have to say I relate to Anushka and what she had to say in her wish. Being happy for your friend is obviously necessary but being happy for the relaxation that you will be getting henceforth, is also something that should be acknowledged unabashedly.

Co-incidentally, these friends now share the same wedding month with just two days’ separation between the two. While Katrina will now celebrate her anniversary from December 9 going forward, Anushka has been celebrating her big day at December 11 since she got married in 2017.

The first glimpse of these two actresses’ amazing friendship was seen by public on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan. Their similar personalities and the way they didn’t let the host of the show speak, just won hearts everywhere. Theirs is a friendship that I have loved and admired since I had watched that episode and I am just so excited by the fact that now they get to be neighbours as well. With these two in such close quarters, it’s surely going to be a riot.