The weekend is here and Friday nights have to be binge-worthy. Weekend nights are all about munching and lazing about. Pull out your cosy blanket, don your comfy pyjama pants, get your hot chocolate ready and put on your favourite series—it’s going to be a long night ahead. Rolling out the top 5 series you need to binge on this weekend!

1) Money Heist

Money Heist is back and the hype around it is still buzzing. If you haven’t found the time to binge the latest season of the most coveted heist, you are covered for the weekend. The mystery, the thrill and the moolahs are going to keep you hooked. Be it the Professor’s wit, Denver’s laugh or Lisbon’s charm, you are in for a ride!

Where to watch- Netflix

2) Inside Edge

Inside Edge is a guilty pleasure. The suave flamboyance of the characters, the dark and murky plot twist and the intense and incessant India vs Pakistan rivalry is going to keep you glued to the edge of your seat. The grim flashbacks, the ferociousness and the endless charm are going to leave you speechless—so this one is worth the shot! Bigger, better and stronger than ever!

Where to watch- Amazon Prime Video

3) The Good Place

The Good Place is the perfect lighthearted show you need this weekend. The quirky storyline, the comic timing and the misfit characters stuck between the good place and the bad place will give you a whole laugh riot. The mistaken identities and web of lies and deceit make it a hilarious binge if you’ve had a tough last week!

Where to watch- Netflix

4) Friends

Watching Friends is like coming back home—it is simple, funny, heartwarming, special and so close to our hearts. Be it Joey’s innocence, Chandler’s sarcasm, Rachel’s drama or Phoebe’s quirks—this show can never disappoint you. All you need to feel good is a warm cup of coffee and reruns of friends in your fuzzy nightwear and there is nothing else that can dampen your spirits. Well, 25 years of the show and it still tops all our charts.

Where to watch- Netflix

5) Modern Family

Modern Family is the perfect all in all entertainer. Be it the episodes that make you smile wistfully with tears threatening to spill or the ones that make you guffaw like nobody’s business- there is nothing this family won’t make you feel. It is a rollercoaster of emotions from Phil being the perfect life partner to Gloria rocking that Colombian accent like a boss and Cam’s perfect little village boy life. There is nothing Modern Family can’t make you feel and there is nothing it won’t offer but all you need is to watch it with an open heart and make the family your own!

Where to watch- Disney+Hotstar

6) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

You’re going to feel absolutely Noice this Friday night as the Noine Noine hijack your TV Screens. True friendship goals with Charles and Jake an nuptials with Jake and Amy—this show will give you the jitters just like it will give you the giggles. From thefts to murders, from love stories to ugly breakups, from unsolved mysteries to lockup stories—this one is absolutely unmissable!

Where to watch- Netflix

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