Shay Mitchell, our favourite Pretty Little Liars star and mum to Atlas, recently sent the beauty community in a spiralling frenzy. Nope, it wasn’t because of her bronzed makeup selfies. The star in Vogue’s famous Beauty Secrets series spilt the beans on her much-awaited beauty routine. I thought I always went a little overboard with my extensive routines that included 10 products, but then I watched this video. Tossing away the principle, “less is more”, Shay teaches us that it’s not so bad to believe in “more is more”.

To be fair, she warns us in the beginning when she states, “There are quite a few steps, so stick with me.” Shay Mitchell’s routine has certainly left the community divided. She dives into her 21-step skincare routine where she proudly showcases a variety of face masks and skincare products to the audience. This is followed by her glam routine which features steps that we almost lost track of! Well, it’d be close to impossible to break down her entire routine, unless you had all day to read it. So we’re spilling some hot tea on what was swimming through our mind whilst we saw Shay go all out!

Surprise, Celebrities Love Drugstore Products!


Shay likes to pair her daily facial cleanser with a facial cleansing brush she found at a drugstore in Canada. Cleansing brushes evenly distribute the cleanser and go deep in, exfoliating your skin in the process too. I mean, if celebrities can enjoy drugstore products, why does everyone shy away from them so much?

We Love The Drama Of It Too


Just like you and me, Shay seems to be a sucker for a good eye mask too! She stresses on how great they are in allowing your makeup to set like a dream. There’s absolutely nothing like a relaxing eye mask that depuffs and helps you bid adieu to eyebags, no?

Too Many Facemasks? Said No One Ever


NGL, the most number of masks I’ve tried to use in a go are probably 3 when I was multi-masking whilst attending a super important meeting. However, we see Shay layering on at least 6 face masks at the same time. Is that even possible? I mean, we see her using a chin mask too. The after-effects are rather radiant, so we’re not shying away from this particular idea.

Wait, A Mask For Your Breasts?


You read that correctly. There’s a facemask for anything and everything under the sun. I’d never thought I’d live to see a day where I can spot someone using a mask for their breasts. Shay makes a valid point about our breasts needing some TLC too. But hey, if it does the job, I’m gonna get myself one of these just before a hot date.

Psst! She Loves Fenty Beauty Too!


Okay, it’s a well-known fact that we’re huge fans of Fenty Beauty and have almost tried every product they have to offer. It comes as no surprise when we saw Shay Mitchell spritzing the refreshing spray right before she goes in with her makeup. Everyone’s enchanted by Rihanna’s glow, even Ms Rosewood herself. PS: Only PLL fans will get that reference.

Cream For The Win


Shay reveals how she prefers a creamy foundation over any other formulation because it allows her to be more precise and detailed with the application. Um, why haven’t we tried this out yet? We see her use two different shades for application, one of which is a seamless match to her complexion and the other is slightly darker, for naturally some natural contouring.

Hollywood’s Beauty Secret


She lets us in on a rather well-kept secret by Hollywood and shows us how her absolutely perfectly bushy brows stay in place all day long. She uses the got2b water resistant spiking glue from Schwarzkopf to master the feat, and boy does it look breathtaking!

Just like every beauty aficionado out there, Shay Mitchell doesn’t like taking the whole process of makeup seriously and loves letting her hair down by having fun with it. Watch the entire video here—

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