Ahmed Meeran is a dynamic creator and singer who makes song covers that are majorly in Tamil and also experiments with spoofs on TV shows in various regional languages. He started creating content in his free time waiting for his selection results for IIM Kashipur to be out but eventually became passionate about his journey as a 'content creator'. His song covers have been shared by celebrities as well but his ultimate goal is to not be a passing cloud but make it big in the industry. He started his journey posting short format videos on Instagram but with time he also started his YouTube channel and has garnered a massive following of 600k+ subscribers today. Read on to know more about Ahmed Meeran and his content.  

About Ahmed Meeran

Ahmed Meeran is a young and spotless entertainer. In absolutely no time he has managed to leave his mark in the world of social media that too, as a one-man army. Hailing from the winsome islands of Andaman and Nicobar, Ahmed is among the few social media creators from our country who have made it to the list of 400 most influential people of Asia, 2020. He believes in creating unique content. Despite having a busy schedule as an MBA student in IIM Kashipur, he still finds enough time to devote to his desire for creation and is extremely dedicated to his craft.

About Ahmed Meeran's content

Ahmed is a digital creator who makes song covers and 'sharable' i.e. fun spoof content for his audience. The unique nature of his content has garnered him over 1.2 million followers across social media platforms. His Instagram series called ‘TikTok Vaasigal’ which is a ‘one-minute TikTok roast’ has been the most-watched and liked videos by his followers. Consequently, Ahmed has come to receive quite a few Tamil film offers too. His proficiency in languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English makes him an adroit singer too. In fact, his mash-ups are appreciated by many celebrities too. He recently made his playback singing debut with a solo performance in the Tamil Web series, 'Flatmates'. His ultimate dream is to be a playback singer in the film industry.

Here's what Ahmed Meeran has to say about his journey,

Ahmed Meeran (Source: Instagram | @ahmedmeeranoffl)
Ahmed Meeran (Source: Instagram | @ahmedmeeranoffl)
It was in 2018 that I started posting my singing cover videos (majorly in Tamil) on my Instagram profile. A few of my singing videos then were shared by the original singers on their Instagram stories and those videos did get some traction. I then decided to create and post "shareable" content (in Tamil language) alongside my singing videos so as to optimize the reach of my profile. That was when I started creating funny spoof videos using iconic tamil TV serial songs. In no time my profile grew upto 10k followers. I wanted to grow more and explore the actual  "content creation" process very sincerely.
Then I started creating short troll videos on Bigg Boss Tamil. Those videos gave me a strong relevance on Instagram and I could cross the 100k followers milestone by Oct 2018. Once Bigg Boss got over, I started posting short trolls on viral tiktok videos. I had also been posting my singing cover videos once or twice a week side by side. Meanwhile, I started collaborating with other creators who are well known for their music mashups on YouTube. It was only in late 2019 that I started posting exclusively on my own YouTube channel. The long format roast videos and exclusive covers got a good response from the YouTube audience. Eventually things fell into place and I took up content creation and singing as my full time job. Currently, I have 600k+ subscribers on YouTube and I post my videos more on YouTube than other platforms and I do have a good following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too. Hopefully my long time dream to be a playback singer in the film industry will come true soon as well. Still Waiting for "My Day".

We absolutely love how Ahmed decided to follow his passion and become a successful creator. We can't wait for him to reach newer heights and achieve many more milestones riding and exploring. On a side note, we hope that everyone is taking care of all the precautions while stepping out.