5 Bakers You Need To Follow Before The Christmas Season

5 Bakers You Need To Follow Before The Christmas Season

Mitisha Mavani

December makes me feel like a million bucks with the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies, cinnamon rolls and freshly brewed hot chocolate wafting through the house. Christmas decorations lighting up the windows with the star on top of the Xmas tree glittering through instantly puts me in a festive mood. The festive season is just around the corner and Christmas is all about wake and bake! T’is jolly season—tie your apron, put on your chef’s hat and get cooking. Here are the top 5 bakers you need to follow to get your Christmas baking shenanigans right!

1) Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17)

Shivesh has one of the most bright, poppy, colourful and Instagrammable feeds there is. He is relatable, charming, funny and absolutely resourceful. Everything you need to know about baking, you will find on his page. From baking tips and tricks, best ingredients and appliances to easy hacks—he is an all in all baking wizard. He gives the easiest recipes that look amazing and are so decadent that you literally can’t wait to dig in.

2) Pooja Dhingra (@poojadhingra)

Pooja is the trusty baker on the gram. She is one of the coolest bakers online and  owns one of the biggest pastry shops, Le 15she aces it all like a true boss! Her posts are informative, useful and so easy to follow. With easy to follow instructions that build up to become baking masterpieces—her page has got you covered for it all.

3) Ayushi Gupta-Mehra (@the_foodiediaries)

Ayushi Gupta is a budding baker grown up in the United Kingdom with a strong knack for baking. She mainly uploads recipes on Instagram Reels—she gives vegan, eggless and also kid-friendly recipes on her page. Her dishes look mouth-watering and she also posts one odd savoury dish which is the perfect bonus.

4) Arushi Hasija (@millsandbuns)

Doughnuts oozing with cream, chocolate overload brownies, pound cakes, and vibrant macarons, she nails them all. Her Instagram is the perfect aesthetic you are dreaming of. Just like her name, her love affair with buns is no less than the perfect Mill and Boons novel and we are all for it.

5) Anjali (@bakesalotlady)

Anjali’s videos are calming, soothing and the perfect fix when you are craving something sweet. Her videos are uncomplicated and effortless, they flow like poetry and it is a treat. She uploads super fun and easy recipes that you must try out to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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