You’re lying if you say that you have never thought about what it must be like to be an influencer at least once in your life. (Caught you, hehe.) Well, to give your chain of thoughts a break, Dolly Singh has time and again given us a sneak-peek into what it is to be an influencer and it’s honestly a lot of fun to watch. Tbh, no matter what people say, but being an ‘influencer’ or a ‘content creator‘ is not all that easy and as it may seem and it has its own set of pros and cons like any other job. Scroll your way through these videos and see how Dolly unfolds the life of an influencer in the most hilarious way possible.

Let’s get into the videos…

1. A day in the life

We absolutely love the poses Dolly has blessed us with while totes rocking that ‘relatable’ towel lewk for us to take inspiration from, hahah. Cuz’ ‘towel toh sab pehente hain na, influenza ya no influenza’. Dolly has pointed out how influencers try their best to be relatable for their audience and the way she has done is it totally hilarious.

2. Fancy clothes

Haha, haven’t we all wondered what influencers do with all those fancy clothes? Well, Dolly has answered this question for all the curious minds and we honestly can’t help but laugh at how she has addressed it. It must be so difficult for influencers when they get an idea after changing the outfit na!

3. After shaadi

No matter how tired, an influencer is always in the ‘mood’ to get some pictures clicked and some Reels made as Dolly Singh has portrayed here, haha. Also, we’re concerned if Siddharth Batra got hurt by any chance when Dolly pushed him at the end, that escalated quickly is all we can say post watching these two goofballs.


As an influencer, you have got to be ready to get the most random reactions in your comment section. Just when we were getting over the most-used ‘first’ and ‘follow for follow’ comments, the year 2020 added the famous, ‘binod’ in such people’s dictionaries too. We absolutely love the way Dolly addressed it tho, hahah.

5. Lockdown

Haha, Dolly has rightly pointed out that the lockdown had the same impact on everyone’s life. Everyone had to get their household work done by themselves and we would like to give a special shoutout to all the influencers who helped us make the lockdown bearable with their entertaining content.

6. Woke up like this

This video of Dolly is the ultimate sneak-peek into what it is to be an influencer, haha. We love the way she woke up like an influencer and the things she did were get her photoshoot done and get all the deliveries in. That’s what people think their life is all about but honestly, we know how much more goes into being an influencer and how difficult it is to be one.

Well, Dolly has given us quite some insight into what it is like to be an influencer. We honestly have immense love for them because we know how tough and tiring it must be to be one but we also can’t deny that it comes with its own perks. On that note, we hope you are vaccinated and keeping safe.