From Paurashpur To Romil And Jugal: These Are The 5 ALTBalaji Shows That Are Pushing The Envelope!

From Paurashpur To Romil And Jugal: These Are The 5 ALTBalaji Shows That Are Pushing The Envelope!

Nawaz Kochra

Since the past few years, the web-space has become a wonderland for excellent content. And while you and I are just a few clicks away to lose ourselves into the zone of binge-watching, there is so much content out there that we often are left spoilt for choices. One such platform that I love is ALTBalaji, for it has everything under one roof. Not just that, other than the plethora of content, the platform has a wide range of shows across different genres. But what I love the most about it is that it has some cool shows pushing the envelope.

Here are the 5 recommendations from me that you need to watch:

Dev DD

Poster of Dev DD

Dev DD is A modern show which is entirely today's version of Devdas. But the twist here is that it's the story of Devika, who is not the traditional Indian girl we find next door. Devika's complexities will be relatable to today's women, and these character traits wrapped up with the drama, heartbreak, and romance will keep you hooked. The show has 2 seasons and both of them have Devika in her savage beast. I love this one because, as a 20th-century girl, Devika doesn't choose to fit into the already designed societal mould. She instead tailor makes one for herself.

The Test Case

Poster of Test Case 

Nimrat Kaur's powerful performance in The Test Case is a must watch! A show about a woman army officer fighting gender bias and striving to achieve some big dreams is undoubtedly something that fills you with hope. And what I also love about this show is how it pulls your heartstrings on several occasions while you watch it.

Verdict: The State vs Nanavati

Poster of The Verdict: State vs Nanavati

This courtroom drama that brought us India's most controversial jury case will not let you blink even for a second. The Verdict brought this real-life incident in a new light, with a different perspective blended with some fantastic performances that will keep you hooked till the end. I also liked watching the communal divide angle it has got along with endearing performances by Elli AvrRam and Manav Kaul.

Romil Aur Jugal

Poster of Romil And Jugal

Honestly, I am a huge Shakespeare fan, especially Romeo and Juliet. But when ALTBalaji brought the guy version of this show to us, it won my heart. I have watched this show thrice, not because it's an iconic love story, but because of the progressive route, it has taken. A love story between two young guys Romil and Jugal, who deal with society but stand by each other will pull your heartstrings. And yes, do sit with a box of tissues for this one, for this show will make you cry. While Romil and Jugal became my favourite couple after this show, I eagerly wait for season two.


Poster of Paurashpur

Shilpa Shinde, Milind Soman, and Annu Kapoor's magnum-opus drama Paurashpur has to be on your watchlist because this showcases how the women and the third gender together overthrow the reign of an evil king. Well, screaming women liberation throughout and having them in strong portrayals will leave your mind blown. Moreover, Paurashpur's story unfolding with every new episode and bringing in unexpected twists will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Now that I have a watchlist ready for you, aren't you struggling first to decide which one to start with? Well, my pick would be Romil Aur Jugal as a sweet start to your binge-a-ton. Happy streaming!

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