Thanks to the Kardashians, a juicy pout is on everyone’s wishlists. However, not everyone’s keen enough to go under the knife and get themselves plump lips. Ah, if only we could get lip fillers in a tube. What a dream that would be, no? Say hello to plumping glosses! These tiny geniuses are the secret to lips you’ve always been dreaming of. In case you were pondering, a plumping lip gloss and a regular lip gloss are two entirely different products.

Plumping lip glosses are specially created to ensure that your lips end up looking a little extra luscious. They often come infused with ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, which moisturise intensely resulting in perfect lips. Sometimes ingredients that cause a slight tingling on the lips like capsaicin, cinnamon or even menthol are present in these glosses. They stimulate blood flow and increase blood circulation which in turn causes your lips to swell up a tad bit. Don’t worry, this feeling barely lasts for a few seconds. Here are our favourite glosses that promise you the juiciest lips, maybe even put Kylie’s lips to shame—

Too Faced, Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

The OG lip product that was our stepping stone into the world of lip plumpers, Too Faced’s lip injection extreme lip plumper delivers an instant plump. Unlike most glosses, this one has a non-sticky finish that dries down so your lipstick can be layered just as you like. After just one swipe, your lips feel a momentary sting, all courtesy of capsaicin. It comes enriched with jojoba seed oil which gently nourishes your lips too. You’re going to notice your pout become visible juicier, within seconds. PS: If you want to take things up a notch, line your lips with a slightly darker colour before you apply the lip injection extreme lip plumper.

Pixi Beauty, Lip Lift Max

If you happen to be a little apprehensive of products that have a prominent before and after, the lip lift max from Pixi Beauty is right up your alley. Infused with peptides, this gloss delivers a cooling sensation when applied to your lips. Offering a subtle plump to the lips, its glossy finish does all the magic. Potent ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera soothe your pout, making it appear healthier. The Pixi Beauty lip lift max looks it’s very best when it’s layered on a nude lippie.

Nudestix, Nude Plumping Lip Glace

A volumizing lip gloss with lip maximising peptides, the nude plumping lip glace gives your pout a wash of high shine. This plumping gloss is a match made in heaven for you if you prefer a subtle mint-like sensation on your pout. It relies on lip-conditioning ingredients like shea butter, murumuru seed butter and peptides for intense hydration. Standing apart from most glosses, the nude plumping lip glace from Nudestix helps you battle the notorious devil that is chapped lips too! Killing 2 birds with one stone, we LOVE!

Charlotte Tilbury, Collagen Lip Bath

Darlings, if there’s anyone who knows how to treat your lips the way deserve to be treated, it’s Charlotte Tilbury. The collagen lip bath is a shimmering plumping gloss that’s brimming with marine collagen and mustard sprout extract which hydrate the pout and maximise its volume. Think of your lips having a luxurious bath with luminous pearls in the mix, enter this plumping gloss. If there’s anything I abhor about a lip gloss, it’s having my strands stick to it. With the collagen lip bath, that doesn’t happen at all!

Buxom, Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss

Combining an intense shimmer with a high-volume pout, the full-on plumping lip polish gloss leaves behind a soft tingling sensation with some subtle shimmer. It’s infused with vitamins a and e along with a rich peptide complex, did someone say “the perfect potion for your lips”? The variety of shades available is just a cherry on the cake because there’s nothing like too many lip glosses, no?

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